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Was it worth the watch?
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In my personal opinion, if you enjoyed the first one, you'll love the second one. smile
All the critics hated it because of the "cheesy" puns, but personally I think they made it better. Especially how they threw Chuck Norris in there, they had him play the perfect part for him. smile
I loved it.
It may have a lot of cheesy lines, but that's the point.
It's an action movie that doesn't try to get in it's own way with a super deep story,. There's enough story to where it makes sense for all these badass dudes to be blowing things up and making references to all of their previous badass dude movies.

Come on, the parts with Bruce Willis towards the end? You can't do anything but squeal like a child when they make some of those movie references.
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It was an amazing movie, I highly recommend you watch it
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O.G. Gaian

Thank you ladies I just did and it was well worth it.... loving that Chuck Norris scene too haha
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Why was Jet Li only on the first scene. gonk
If you're looking for a complicated, deep plot, then no. But, if you'd like to see explosions and some great actors kicking a** then is was pretty awesome. Just expect some cheesiness. (Which I totally enjoyed.)
II FadedDreamz II
Was it worth the watch?

of course it is!
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cheesiest punt: Did you kill him? yeah..... . Wheres your proof?HEADS UP!!
Why was Jet Li only on the first scene. gonk

Because there was too much awesome on set

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