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she was PUUURRRRfect!!
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I haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises yet, but as long as it's better than Halle Berry, I'll be pleased
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I didn't expect her to be that good. I liked her version.
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Despite the cheesy lines, I thought she did a good job.

Was I the only one who thought Banes voice was the end result of Sean Connery and Darth Vader having a child..
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Despite what others are saying, I thought she was really good as Catwoman.
Despite what others are saying. I thought she was really good as Catwoman. "That's what she said" And I agree.
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Min Shade
I'm glad she did a good job. I was just about to post a thread asking if she lived up to the role and it seems she did. OP, were you the one posting a few months ago your concerns over whether she could be a convincing villain? If not, someone was, with good reason. She's played nice-girl roles a lot.

No, I don't think it was me who posted about that. Though, at first i was VERY skeptical about her playing Catwoman (especially after seeing the first leaked image of her costume, [The one with her on the Batcycle, with her goggles on] I saw no resemblance to Catwoman, then I saw more images of her with her goggles up, and I thought to myself "Ohh! I see what you did there." And fell in love with her character. ), who has always been my favorite DC Villain since the Batman Animated Series. I, like many others, was so use to seeing Anne as a nice girl type, but she blew me away in her portrayal as Selina Kyle! Truly, magnificent.

A lot of people I've spoke to about it have compared Anne Hathaways "Selina Kyle" to Michelle Pfeiffer's portrayal of Selina Kyle. How Anne was missing the "crazy" aspect of Catwoman, that was portrayed by Pfeiffer. I personally loved what Anne did with her version of Selina, a women who does what she needs to do to get bay, not an insane, revenge seeking villain. Though I LOVED Pfeiffers adaptation as Catwoman, Anne's version was just as amazing, and a different side of Selina Kyles character. She was Selina Kyle : The Cat Burgalar. Not Catwoman: The Whip wielding villain.

I wish they'd make a new Catwoman movie, not like the one Halle Berry did, with its "loose" adaptation of Catwoman. But one about the real story of Catwoman, about the Selina who lost her mother to suicide and whose father drank himself to death. Who had to live as a thief to get by, and later on prostitution. Who learns to defend herself to breakaway from the abusive men in her life and protect her sister. Now thats a story worth making a movie about.
She did better than expected. But in some points during the movie. I could see her go back into the character she played in The Princess Diaries
she was sexy xD and stunning and gorgeous.
omg ugh Catwoman was so amazing ok ♥♥♥
I felt like she lacked the sex appeal that calls for cat woman, She dd well, but I like a sexy cat woman.
Not cause Im into girls but i mean cat woman needs some big tatas, and a nice a**.
And she needs to be cunning and Anne did well exsept for the sex appeal.
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Before I saw her in The Dark Knight Rises, I never really liked her as an actress, but personally after seeing her performance in the film, my opinion of her changed right away! She was flawless, and very sexy.
♪ Doki Doki .。.:*☆
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As much as i love her acting I was really skeptical when they announced her as Catwoman. Glad to see she put every nay-sayer in their place with her stunning performance though.

Yea I was skeptical as well; it was kinda weird seeing her do such a role, but she pulled it off better than I thought she would!

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