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      For me, using MyFitnessPal and keeping track of my calories has been a good motivation.
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a great motivation would be - when you finally realized how abusive egg and dairy industries has been doing to the baby animals. You would hate even seeing the word "cake" lol

Like look at these 2 for a start



motivate you enough?

Thank you..for sharing this with me. It makes me sick to know that these poor animals are being treated this way. I usually get my source of protein from eggs and some meat every now and then. My question for you is, as someone who is seriously considering going vegan, what are some alternative complete proteins that I may consume?
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Spirit Reborn

Thank you..for sharing this with me. It makes me sick to know that these poor animals are being treated this way. I usually get my source of protein from eggs and some meat every now and then. My question for you is, as someone who is seriously considering going vegan, what are some alternative complete proteins that I may consume?

539/513 thank you, Spirit Reborn, your snail Gary is glowing....

Thank you for taking precious times watching and willing to learn more. emotion_hug To your question, very straight forward answer is human don't need complete proteins. In depth, we only need 8 essential amino acids for our bodies to make all sort of protein for ourselves. Fresh veggies and fruits have them...

If you had asked me years ago, I might say soybeans and seeds. But now I know and learn so much more. Just enough fresh vegetables and fruits take care of all protein that our bodies need.

If you have spare time, these are some awesome videos that explain about protein requirements.




And this is for everyone, include to you Spirit Reborn smile

Thanks so much for considering. heart emotion_hug
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Woo, Thanks for playing the tank! And Thanks even more for these amazing videos.. I can't wait to watch every single one of them. : )
Only 8 huh? I guess I was lied to this entire time D:
And not a problem~ I remember when I had cut meat out of my diet for about 4 months straight. Had never felt better- especially after watching the 'Food Inc' movie and listening to Jillian Michael's free Podcast on iTunes. She's an advocate of organic food and explained a lot of things really well. I've been slacking since last year and I want to pick myself back up in terms of fitness and eating healthy again.

So Thank you for reminding me of these videos.
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look at the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. I purchased a copy and it has been helping me to stay away from sweets.
I'm going to assume you live in a situation where you buy your own food.

Basically, buy food when you're full, then if you get tempted to grab something fatty, literally, think about it the entire time you have it.
this is going to sound harsh, but today, I was going to buy peanut butter, I grabbed it, and had it in my hand, and reviewed how unhappy I was going to feel when I scarfed it down, how people will judge me at the counter, how much I'm going to have to go throw to minus all the damage done by eating it.

I have one treat day, and then the other days I am on a strict veggie-gluten free diet.
Uhhh.... I stay motivated by getting new clothing.
When that number goes down in sizing, when it fits you correctly, it feels awesome.

Smaller clothes are cheaper.
They also look better. >.> More selection. Etc.
Thanks for the constant advices guys.
A little late, but most of the advices made go down 7lbs. in almost a month.
(I kinda started at Jan 26) //Success! I never had a drop more than 2-4lbs. before.//

Cake counter measures are good. =| They tend to put a lot of numbers in the k.cal counter... ._.

and the idea of a single day of not-really-eating-a-lot but is allowed to eat some sweet stuff is kind of good but really the cake info dropped my wants of eating cake reaaal low.

Keeeep on posting motivators and good tips, someone might find good answers here if that someone ever needed answers to some questions.
I'm glad to hear that you were able to lose 7lbs! It's always a good feeling when you see your work pay off.

I've been battling weight/self-image issues since I was in my teens. Now that I'm older, I've learned that we all have to find our own motivators and what works for us. I've a group of friends who all are trying to lose weight (myself included) and each of us has a different method that works for us.

For me, I calorie count (I use myfitnesspal) and don't restrict myself from things I like as long as I have the calories for it. Since I'm head-of-household, I buy the groceries. I just don't buy the stuff I know are my weaknesses. If chocolate isn't in the house, I'm not going to sneak it when I get my "up too late and need a snack" moments. I try to eat small meals through the day and load up on veggies to snack on while I'm at work.

Another friend of mine puts her weight lose in increments. 5lbs, maintain for awhile. 5lbs, maintain for awhile. She finds that small increments work so that she can focus on what she needs to do to maintain each of the levels.

Keep on track. You're doing great and remember that you're doing this for you. I remember there was a day when I was just sick and tired of feeling bad about myself. Nobody was going to make myself lose weight but me. 3 years later, I'm down about 60lbs and have the ability to maintain. I used to always try and do things for other people, but I had to do it for me or I wasn't going to get anywhere mentally.

Best of luck to you!
Seriously, I think I need a good one. Recently, I've been having a hard time wanting to drop the weight... I don't feel motivated at doing it.... and When I face the dreaded thing called 'cake'... I can't help but start stabbing it with a knife and a fork.

so any good motivator my good friends?

I could give you a millions reasons why losing weight is a good idea, but unless you want to do it, it's not going to get done. I've heard of people who "need" to lose weight or who "need" to get into a dress by X time, but unless you WANT to do it, it's truly not going to happen.
If you want to lose weight that's one thing. Maybe sit down and think of some things that motivate you. Maybe you have a fitness goal you'd like to work towards? My motivation was the fact that I was 330 pounds, and I got winded tying my damn shoes. I couldn't bend, lift, or pretty much do anything very easily. I finally decided that it was time (that was back in 2009). It's been about 4 years, but I've managed to lose 95 pounds, and still going.

Just remember-You can do it!
You won't be gross fat landwhale. That's pretty good motivation right there.
Every person has treir own motives for doing something and I'm sure that if you think about it you'll find the reason. The problem is that every time you look at something delisious, you'll probably forget about everything... So, my opinion is, that you don't actually need motivation, but something to always remind you of your goal. What I've been doing lately(and it seems to be working) is that every morning I draw a smiley face in my hand, so that every time I think of ruining my diet plan, I look at it and remember my goal so that I can control myself.
I know it will be very hard at first but I'm sure you can do it!
I really hope my advise was of help! biggrin
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Truthfully? My biggest motivator for getting healthy was I just got tired of making up excuses to myself why I should put off working out or eating healthier, and I also got tired to searching for that one reason and purpose that would cause me to have an infinite amount of will power. I got tired of trying to keep talking myself into doing it and that's when it finally clicked. I stopped thinking about it, and I just did it, mainly as part of a scheduled routine that was set in stone so I didn't have to think about it (unless something important came up), just like going to work or school, it's a definite schedule that you don't question, and you don't think twice about it, you just go out and do it because it's there and requires your participation. The same should be for a workout regime.

It took me a lot of soul searching to come up with this.

Hope this helps!
Honestly, i think the best motivator is the mirror. Look at it and think of what you can become, then look at yourself and ask "Am i satisfied?"
If you're not then take a picture and start exercising, every month or so take a new picture and see the difference. I promise you once you notice the difference and how much you progressed, you will not want to stop. The feeling of accomplishment is amazing.
I don't know much about motivation, but I think I can help you with avoiding cake. 3nodding

Anytime you're tempted, try to look away and then run. If you find this impossible, and find yourself reaching for it, read the nutrition facts. I used to love sweets, but I have successfully scared myself away from them.

I read an article written by a world renowned nutritionist (Jonny Bowden) who said that you don't need motivation and... I forgot. sweatdrop Here's the link: http://jonnybowdenblog.com/the-tyranny-of-motivation/

this article is perfect for me. lol
I can look at a hundred things that i want to do with my thinner self and then eat some cookies. It's ridiculous.
This article makes so much sense. lol
I had trouble keeping motivated too, and so I made a fitblr.

It's a tumblr basically you post anything having to do with healthy eating/losing weight/etc

There is like a whole fitblr community, and being a part of it has kept me motivated.

This is mine if you want to check it out:


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