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Hi all! If you frequent the Success Stories forum a lot I'm pretty sure you have seen my Fitness Log. If you have read it, I thank you for taking the time and giving me support on my progress. Two months ago, I weighed 140lbs. I was already becoming active in with the dance team at my college as I decided I would take Tap-Dancing lessons, but I REALLY didn't start to focus on losing weight and getting into better shape until I caught a glimpse of something I that really interested me: Montage theater.

*Montage theater is basically a group who "acts out a show" by doing multiple styles of dance.

If you have read my fitness log, you may have seen how one of my huge motivations to get into better shape was to be able to participate in Montage next semester. So, that's when I started working out and trying to live a better health style. Sure enough, I managed to get into way better shape and lose ten pounds in the process. (Which is perfect because I have lost the expected amount that I was aiming for in two months. By Christmas I would like to be around 125lbs.)

Two days ago (November 28th, 2012) were the auditions for Montage. Out of 250 students, only 50 would have been able to make the list. I was terrified at the auditions, I'm not going to lie. When I walked in, I saw the massive amount of students in the gym and learned we all had to learn multiple dances and perform them in groups of three in front of the teachers. The dances lasted about one minute and thirty seconds per performance, and were only shown to us about three or four times. The different dance styles included:


Then we had to freestyle for a minute in:
and any dance style of our choosing.

The tryouts lasted for three hours. My body is entirely sore and I was hardly able to even walk the next day. :C However, I patiently waited for the results to come in. I finally got my e-mail from the teacher saying that I have officially made the team! smile I'm so excited because this is a major goal that help motivate me to change my lifestyle and become more fit so I can handle the intensity of Dance Theater performances.

Edit; Motivation Speech time!
It's really simple to be successful if you set your heart to it. I watched an amazing motivational video on youtube a couple of months back and the man constantly preached in this video: "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful." This is true. I WANTED to be apart of Montage so badly. I WANTED to lose this weight so badly. So I worked -- I made it my top priority. I worked hard everyday. There was not a moment when I did not think about becoming a better, physically fit person. That's all I cared about. In a very short time, I managed to transform myself tremendously.

I doesn't take long AT ALL to change your lifestyle and be more fit! In two months I lost ten pounds. In two months I managed to get into better shape than I ever had been since I graduated high school. In two months. That's it. Just imagine what I'll be like around this time next year.

So keep your head high and work at your goals. Don't let people unmotivate you -- work hard and I promise you'll see results!

Please watch this video; it may inspire you even more.
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Getting the chance to be with you in this journey of yours, has been an absolute delight. Your determination never seems to end. I'm really happy for you.
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Wow, congratulations! That tryout sounds really hard, even for someone in great shape. I'm happy for you that you managed to make it!

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