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Hello everyone! I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I lived a long life of name calling, mocking, remarks from family, to friends, to significant others to even strangers. Slowly it got to me and I suffered a long period of depression and low self esteem. With time my confidence also dropped and I found it harder to make friends or maintain relationships. It really made an impact on my life and even discouraged me from family activities, shopping, getting a job, finishing high school, etc.

Now that I am 23 and looking back at my past, I realize perhaps it's time to try again. Maybe this time I have enough courage to go through the journey- to get to where my heart has always wanted to be at! To finally feel good in my body and to stop wondering what other people are thinking! I want to do this for me is what I am convinced of this time. I am not doing it for anyone, but me!

That being said, I would love to meet other people in my shoes. I want to hear your stories, the struggles and the triumphs. Your tips and tricks and well i'll do my best to let you all know what exactly I am doing to get to where I am at.

Facts about my body
The most I ever weighed was 199 pounds which I have never seen again for 3 years! I have remained in the 180's zone for the past 6 months and am now pushing myself to go lower. The lowest amount of weight I have ever had, was when I joined a diet program and hit 160 pounds at the age of 18. I refuse to do strict diets because it easily discourages me.

So what am I doing to reach this goal then
I am doing a study of my own body! Yup, I have a log that I write into everyday. Simply put, I do not count calories, nor do I restrict myself to what exactly I eat. I don't count how many grains, or how many fruits I can eat. It is whatever my body feels it wants, or what I have in the fridge. I am not rich so I have to go with what my household can afford and work around with that. That being said, the only thing I am being very careful about- is my proportions. Everything I eat is either rounded off or measured by hand, bowls, tupperware, etc.

I lack in this area by a lot! I am pretty lazy when it comes to exercise. I find it hard to stick to something long enough, especially when my days are a lot busier than usual. I work a full time job, and come home tired- so any suggestions on light work outs would be great!

Day 1: Friday July 6, 2012 Started my journey!
Day 2: Avoided the temptation of pizza with my co-workers.
Day 3: Woo! I lost 3 pounds, go me!
Day 4: Craving. >:
Day 5:
Reserved just in case I need it.
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I've never really had any problems with my weight, except while I was pregnant I got up to 171lbs, and I was discharged at 159lbs. I have managed to lose weight by throwing in small workouts whenever possible through this website. gainfitness I am addicted to the computer screen, so when my son is napping or in bed, and there is nothing interesting going on social media sites, I go there. I try to do 3, 15 minute workouts a day. Also, pick up a cheap hula-hoop, instead of sitting down to watch TV try to work it for at least half a show. You'd be surprised how something so nostalgic can burn calories fast.

Good luck. :3

This is me, literally today, at 119lbs, and my son turns one year on the 27th this month!
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I am also on a health kick and I have a lot more weight to lose. I just wanted to say that what has worked for me that might work for you or anyone else as well is you can eat anything you want (except for fast food...that's a big no-no)...just smaller portions. Like take what you normally would eat and half it. Also, the only thing you would miss (if you absolutely love dairy products) is milk/cheese is what you would have to be very restrictive of and if you can't stand skim milk go down to 2% at least. As for cravings, if you eat peanut butter sandwich or peanut butter on celery the protein in the peanut butter curves cravings, or if you hate peanut butter make sure your eating lots of protein. I started my journey the first of this month and all ready lost six pounds. This also helps when you actually force yourself kicking and screaming all the way to the gym.
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Hey! I have tried every single diet out there, I know what/how to eat and exercise.

The biggest and best thing to do is exercise, it isn't for everyone but seriously it helps

1. de-stress, it helped me through a lot of things if I went the gym after a hard day.
2. highers your metabolism, so that any food you eat for the rest of the day is burnt off more than if you didn't exercise
3. allows you to have treats if you work hard enough
4. tones your body as you lose weight, so you look fitter and healthier.

I am 5 foot 8inches
I used to be 16stone 5lbs (229lbs) but I have lost 45lbs I am now 13 stone 2lbs, (179lbs).

Here is a before and after picture:
User Image

I still have a way to go, but honestly, I have studied 100s of diets and would give advice if you ever needed it.

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