yum_strawberry Monthly Member Success Spotlight - Share Your Success yum_strawberry

Welcome to the Monthly Member Success Spotlight!

One of the best motivators for others who may be struggling on their paths to great health is to read about people who have had success in reaching their health and fitness goals. If you have a success story to share that you feel might motivate other members to continue reaching for their health and fitness dreams, we want to hear it. Each month we will feature two inspirational members who have had success on their journeys to great health.

If you'd like to be spotlighted in this thread as a monthly success story, please send an email to usertalk@gaiaonline.com and make sure to include the following information in your email:

a) Put "Success Spotlight" in the email's subject so we know what you are emailing us about!

b) In your email, please make sure to be detailed about how you achieved your success so that when others read it, they can know what it took for you to achieve your results.

c) Remember that success comes in many ways, and all varieties of stories are welcome. Maybe you lost weight, gained muscle weight, managed to run a mile without stopping for the first time, managed to get to a gym and active for the first time, managed to eat completely healthy and give up soda, quit smoking, gave up sugary foods, etc. Whatever your success, let us know!

d) If you want, you may submit a picture of yourself to use in the spotlight post should you be featured. Please make sure this image is Gaia appropriate, and does not show any personally identification in the image such as real name, home address, etc. We want you to feel comfortable enough to share your personal success story, and not information that should be kept private!