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I've been dieting for two years now, though for the past year I've just been maintaining.


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I owe most of my success to eating right. I don't count calories (though I do keep track in a vague way). Counting calories is stressful to me, and I don't think it's as vital to keep to a certain exact number.

I eat only vegetables (but not potatoes) fruits (not bananas) the occasional nuts, lots of water (3 litres a day. Make this easy by buying a 750ml bottle of water and keep refilling it, four times a day or more) and plenty of fibre.

In the morning I like to have oats with some wheat germ added for fibre. I add different fruits to it, depending on what's available. Apples, pears, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries. Sometimes I add yoghurt. It's quite delicious, keeps you full for a long time, and isn't fattening.

I usually have an assortment of vegetables with salad for lunch and supper, which I spice up with garlic, chillis, sometimes some feta, or half an avocado pear, or some fish or chicken.

For snacks I have fruit, or a little handful of nuts.

I also exercise using weights, and ab and cardio workouts, which I often spread throughout the day due to the fact that I have to work.

I almost never cheat. I have accepted that "cheat days" are not good for me, not because I expect to blow up like a balloon, but because it's hard to return to normal afterward. In my opinion, cheat days often ruin diets for people, because they don't want to diet after eating good, greasy food.

List off healthy things you like, incorporate them in your diet. Avoid anything cooked in oil (except olive oil, perhaps though I don't personally use this because I'm poor =P ). Remember that drinks add fat as much as meals. One can of coke contains so much sugar that if you had to eat that same amount of sugar raw, you'd vomit explosively.

Going out for alcoholic drinks can also ruin your diet, although you can look up recipes which aren't so bad for your figure.

Green tea and water are great. When I'm getting hungry when I shouldn't be, I usually have some tea.

When I crave something really, really bad I have just one bite of it then I go for a jog.

Some people have found that keeping a food journal helps you lose weight. It helped me, though I was too lazy to stick to it, unfortunately. I found myself cheating far less because of the imagined shame of putting it down in my journal, then getting to look at all my cheats over the week. Bottom line, it is helpful, give it a try.

Don't obsess over scales. Your weight fluctuates naturally. You could be a bit heavier from one day to the next because of many reasons. You could have just eaten, you could be on your period, you could need the toilet etc. All these things can make you look heavier on the scales and upset you.

I used to be around 135lbs, and I'm now at 103lbs, which is good for my five foot two frame. My method works, as far as I can tell, quite well.
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Wow congrats on your achievement!
I would recommend working out in the gym like any other health nut would do on here. xd Being thin is a great thing! But being thin and toned is an AMAZING feeling!

But keep up the good work!! biggrin
Grats! looking good.
Amazing! You look great.

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