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This is going to be my personal fitness journal. I will record my workout routines, scores, and meal plans to see how I progress.

B A C K G R O U N D _ I N F O
Asian Male; 21; 5'9; Weight fluctuates from 165 - 170 lbs
Okay, so I know some people are going to say, "You're not that fat Why are you trying to lose weight You should try to gain weight etc.." I'm Asian, so my medium bone structure is small compared to most Americans, hence the average weight. But most of this weight is made up of fat. I was at the peak of my fitness two or three years ago when I was with the army, but for the past year or so I've lost motivation to train and even now I struggle to motivate myself to do the workouts I've done before. I don't know what it is. It's like I've lost complete interest in fitness altogether after being obsessed with it when I graduated college a year ago. It sucks.

And even I look 'fit' or 'average size', I don't feel healthy at all inside. I know I've lost muscle and started packing on the fat. I have a small pot right now. It's not too big, but I know it's only going to get worse if I don't do anything about it. I don't want to wait until its so big that I can't even see my d**k anymore when I'm looking down. My current diet is complete a** and I know I can do better. I want to have my old level of fitness back and not to be all windy after sprinting for two seconds. Prevent it before it happens. It's time to act now. I'm so dramatic haha.

2012.08.16 1 mile, 8:30

Complete 3-4 GOOD Workouts every week
'Back to Basics'
August 16, 2012

Dear Diary. Haha, no.

Today I did a 5 KM run around the track in my gym, taking 2 rest breks in between, which I'm happy about. Specifically, I did 1 mile, break, another mile, break, and then last mile. I didn't record my time, but I did record my first mile: 9:01. Will try to do better next time. I used to be able to do the entire 5 KM without stopping even once, so that's my ultimate goal: to run 5 KM without any breaks. Next time I'll try to do 1.5 miles, one break, and finish the run. Gradually making my way up there, right?

IIRC, the first mile I did was a bit painful with the stomach cramps, the second mile I don't remember, but the last of it was dreadful. I wasn't even hurting or anything. My legs didn't feel tired. Here's the backstory. In my gym, there's a track. 10 laps = 1 mile. 6.3 laps = 1 KM. When I had about 3 laps to do, there was something compelling me to stop and take another break. I don't even know why. It was ******** scary. My brain was trying to tell me to stop and break because I was so close to completing it. It was a really strong feeling. I had to fight myself just to finish the run without taking another damn break. At that moment I'm like "What the hell is wrong with me." Seriously. Why is my brain like that? Why does it want me to stop when I'm not even hurting or anything? ******** scary.

So. I'm probably not going to work out tomorrow. Not sure about that. If I do it will be a full body workout. And reminder - take a picture for the next entry. I would do it now, but I just ate and I don't want to look too big XD Also, I weighed myself today after the run, 162 lbs. It doesn't really count though since I lost mostly water weight from sweating buckets. I don't like to focus on my weight anyways. It's just a number to me! What is important is how I feel and look ; )

'Another Run'
August 19, 2012

Today I did another 5 KM run. I took two breaks again, but I much happier about my results this time. I didn't have that "I want to quit" that almost sabotaged my run last time. I even had enough energy to sprint the last lap too! Next time I will aim for one rest break in between. Also, the other day I did a simple fullbody workout of pushups, air squats, and situps. It was nothing too special, but I hope to do more reps next time. Once I'm in shape again I want to move on to weight lifting. That's it for now!

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