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Feeling pretty great about it. <3
(within 10 months. I've taken my time, had set backs, etc.)

I've read that stomach fat/flab is the hardest to get rid of - yet that's the area where I've lost most weight. I've compared some photos I took of myself this month to some I took in April/May... and my face has become less round, and my chin less flabby.

People say I've lost some arm flab too (which was my personal most hated on my body), but I don't think it shows in photos at least. But it feels like I have and that's awesome too.

I think I'd wanna drop like.. 5-10 lbs still, but according to BMI charts I could drop another 20 lbs and still be well within the limits of being ideal. Which I find kinda scary - I think I'm looking pretty good already. I wonder would another 20 lbs down make me too skinny already o:

Blargh. Weight loss blabbering.
Congrats on the weight loss!
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Go for it! Congratulations, by the way!

Remember, if your body shape is like a pear, then it's time to get in shape.
If your body looks like an hour glass, then you're okay!
If your body looks like a stick, time to gain weight.

That's what I read in a magazine somewhere. x3
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Congrats. Every pound is an achievment. I have a total of about 75 Ibs to lose and so far I have lost about 14 since I seriously got back into my diet planning etc. I think that was the middle of October so not bad for about a months work. What are you doing to lose weight? And I agree, the BMI is a little wonkey in my opinion, my goal weight is about 5 to 10 Ibs over what it says I should be because I think I would look like a stick at that weight.

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