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Wow, congratulations! Your body looks great, nice and fit! 3nodding
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I've been watching my diet and casually exercising for a month and a bit, but I've put on 3kg :/
From the photos I think it might be muscle though..hopefully.. Perspective from others would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any critique you have on my current body; such as things I need to tone up and maybe even which muscles need to be targeted.

My self esteem is fine, so please don't give me any of that "you're fine the way you are" stuff. I just want my body to be fitter smile
Holy s**t, thats a nice improvement. Awesome job.
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Holy crap, you did really well on yourself, girl!

There's always room for improvement, though, and I guess you're insistng that we give you some, so here's my suggestions:

Never stop working out your stomach! It's fine, but the stomach was always a weak spot for me, so I'm more apt to notice little things. It's more your lower belly that needs slight shaping.

Also, your inner thighs! I feel weird for looking there, but yeah! They have workouts for that.

I honestly don't see anything wrong with how you are now, but I know from personal experience that improving yourself through exercise can become a huge hobby, so if you're perfect then it's like, "... what now?" haha. Just giving you something to do. Though you could just work on maintaining how you are now if you want and nobody would ever really notice anything wrong with you. >< Good for you! :3
You go girl emotion_brofist
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Keep up the good work! The results are amazing, how long did it take you for the results?
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        Holy hell you look amazing.
        I'm a fattie mc fat pants, so idk how to critique ya, honestly.
        Maybe more extremity definition? Like legs & arms.
        If you're going for the photoshopped Victoria's Secret look
        But honestly your tone is way above average
        your abs are friggin' epic..

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you achieved a lot in a small amount of time
I used to go to the fitness a lot
bt I'm back home studying for my exams all I do is sit and study
though I'm losing a bit of weight?
probably muscles because I don't feel so tight anymore
Looks fine to me 3nodding Please share your secrets. heart
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You mustve lost fat/gained muscle.

Remember timing your weigh-ins is important too.
I once weighed 2 pounds lighter after taking a s**t.

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You look great now! No critiques
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Muscle weighs more than fat. You look great.
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Show me how to do that in a month. emotion_kirakira

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