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My thread to log workouts and stay accountable!

Who Am I? :
I'm a 20yr old lady who completed P90X over the summer with much success. I lost 30lbs and 10 inches off my waist. I was very proud and moved on to Insanity. I had 2 weeks left when I stopped keeping myself accountable through online posts, blogging, and a fitness group on FB. I now realize that accountability is key, thus here I am to post my workouts EVERY DAY! I have also recently quit smoking so it's time to get fully on track with my health and lose this weight that is holding me back.

What Am I Doing? :
I am doing P90X for the second time! I am also generally staying active by running when I have the time (and gas to drive to the track since there are no sidewalks here...yay southern states), and doing random workouts throughout the day. I also make love to my exercise ball...I mean, sit on it and workout with it!

Starting Stats :
Weight: 245lbs
Waist: 42.5in
Waist at Belly Button: 47.5in
Bust: 48in
Hips: 48in
Thighs: 27.5in
Biceps: 14in

(you have no idea how self conscious I feel posting that Q_Q )

Thanks for looking, motivation and tips are always appreciated!

My Goals
Goals for January : Lose at least 10lbs. Workout with P90X 6x a week. Eat healthy and focus on the positive things about my progress. Stop being sore.

Goals for February : Lose at least 10lbs. Workout with P90X 6x a week. Celebrate progress from month 1 of P90X, no matter how small. Push myself to do more in my workouts.

My Workouts

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Little update : Have been unable to get turbofire, hopefully I will be able to start within the next few days. ):

I got turbofire but have decided to start C25K program instead with cardio workouts on the off days. I started this morning.

Workout Log Day 1 : C25K Week 1, Day 1, Distance 1.16 miles, 28.30 minutes
Feelings : Humbled but also happy. My lung capacity and heart feel much healthier than when I ran before quitting smoking. It was pretty pleasant to be alone with my thoughts and music for a little while. I hope I can improve in speed!

May do a cardio workout later tonight.
Didn't get any workouts done during the holiday, had three different family functions to go to so I was quite busy! I managed to keep my eating in check thankfully, I'm excited for weigh in and measurements on Sunday!

Workout Log Day 5 : C25K Week 1 Day 2, Distance 1.66 miles, 28.5 minutes.
Feelings : Really good. It was snowing a little bit and quite cold but my pacing was better. Also went clothes shopping yesterday with my SO and it was a major confidence boost!
All holidays out of the way!

Changed my mind (again lol), doing P90X for a second time, this time with my sister. On Day 2 of the program. I did my stats for my first week of working out, lost 3lbs and 2 inches off my waist! I'll post the official numbers when I have my notebook nearby.

P90X Day 2 : CardioX, it was amazing! I used to struggle to keep up in this workout but today I was ******** awesome.

Feelings : I'm feeling good about restarting P90X. It's probably my favorite workout program. I love the pace, not as crazy fast as Insanity but still good for building up some sweaty yuckiness!
Accountability always helps no matter how self-motivated you are in the beginning. Knowing you have to admit that you've slacked for 4 days for no reason is not fun. Good luck on meeting your goals! smile

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