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Hi. I didn't realize this forum existed.

Anyway, true story. I keep it off mostly. Actually i kind of fluctuate between 130 and 145 but its pretty doable to keep from going over 145 after you've been this fat.

I slowly gained weight in high school because of a medication change. Plus i was eating junk food and felt invincible until i was 160 and I hated my life.

If anyone's interested here's what i did:
for motivation:
-made the decision to go abroad

Diet help:
-Not gonna lie. During the summer i was prescribed extended release adder all because had troubles focusing in school. This curbs your eating habits tons. I still made the effort to eat healthy food though. I ate a lot of fruit back then. Also melons.

-ran through the forest everyday. 45 minutes. Sweated my brains out
-it helps to love nature and music ( i got my first iPod back then).

Only thing was after the summer i realized i couldn't go abroad after all. emotion_8c

What i would have done differently:
Walk up hills. (This can get you in shape REALLY fast -- you will really feel like its a workout)
Slower workouts are better for fat burn.
Back then i probably burned a lot of muscle and didn't realize. Walking up hills keeps your heart rate at about 150. Your heart rate should never go over 160 if you haven't trained your body. Actually scratch that it should never go over 160 if you train. If you are in shape you won't feel exhausted after running.

Working out with goals of a sustained150 HR gets you in shape faster.

Your metabolism speeds up.. Instead of burning muscle (automatic if its not used to running!) it adapts naturally; switches to burning fat to keep up with demands

You can see and test out the difference by sprinting at the end of the soft work out. Get a heart rate monitor. Watch how much running you can handle until your HR goes too high. Do this daily.

Also another thing:

If you work out too hard this can trick your body into thinking its under attack, that it needs to store fat in response to stress. It releases a hormone cocktail, which forces the body to store. This is truer for some, it depends on your genes.

Just so you know, I'm not trying to encourage drug use but if you can use it helps.
Also thinking you're going abroad really helps. At least for me sweatdrop

I probably lost weight too fast looking back. I didn't realize Still i don't regret it.
I ate pretty healthy and my dog always came with me and got loads of exercise.

I think I'm really going to go to japan before i turn 25 thats my next goal..

Maybe i will be 115 or 120.
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Nice job ! Thanks for the tips by the way ! Good luck losing more weight if you do !
congrats! that is awesome and very inspiring. Keep up the good work. It wll deff py off :]
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Congrats! That was very inspiring and you had a lot of good tips!! Good luck!! (:
Impressive, too bad we don't have a forest back here.
Forest or park? Park or Woods? Woods or hiking trail? dramallama
You wont lose the muscle if you were to work out the muscle :p
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Thats really awesome! I hope you get to go to Japan smile
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Heart Rate: Really? I normally try to keep it as high as I can without pushing too hard, and that's normally around 165. Guess I was right, that I wasn't losing weight because I was pushing TOO hard.
Nice fitness success story. I will try to run and work out my muscles now. Probably won't be able to run within a forrest, but ey, it's all good.

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