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A Random Event Thread.

I'm totally uncreative with names atm. sweatdrop
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1) Follow all Gaia ToS and R&G as well as forum rules.
2) Be sure to read all posts before posting in this thread just in case there are separate rules in different posts.
3) No clickables (ie dragons) I still see those around randomly.
4) Do not quote anything on the first page.
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Post 3:


[NPC] Odanodan
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Iiiiiiiiit's That time of the year again all of your fairy-land folks, dressed in fresh, frolicking freeland green!

If you're wondering what that special time of year is it's that time during one holiday where we pick a one special member of our guild to be fodder for our contest theme this year. Wanna know what that theme is? Well we're about to tell you. Drum Roll please! *a random leprechaun in the corner of the room drumrolls*

Thank you. Now for our lucky guild member. Who shall it be this year? Well after some careful thought and deliberation it has been decided that our lucky guild member that shall be fodder for the contest this year shall be our beloved: Lieutenant Turel!

YAAAAAY! *kermit flails*

Yes, yes. It's that time of year again until Easter where we get to have fun with our favorite fodder for fun. So let's move on to what our contest will entail this year.

Contest Theme and Rules
This year our contest theme for Lieutenant Turel will be to dress him up like a Leprechaun! Yes! Do you know what that means? That means you guys get to head on over to TekTek.org and create your very own dressed up version of Lieutenant Turel but first...there's some things you must know.

1. You MUST use TekTek.Org and only Tektek.org. We're dressing up a Gaia avvie here not an IMVU avvie.

2. The avvie doesn't exactly have to be a leprechaun but we'd like to try and keep it that way if you don't mind. Try your best though. :3

3. You MUST use green oriented items to dress with. It's okay if you want to mix some gold in there or white but please make sure that there is an even distribution of all if you can. Say for instance you've dressed your avvie and it comes out with more gold than green, try to add more green. We know it's hard but we want you to do your best to get Rel dressed...when he's naked it kinda scares children.

4. All tektek submissions must have an image shown in your PM and all submissions must be submitted to either myself or Kain Balance Guardian for judging.

5. Here is Rel's profile page so you can see his original Avvie to help get you started on your Rel Leprechaun: DO NOT SPAM LIEUTENANT TUREL'S PROFILE PAGE!

Lieutenant Turel

6. Prizes will vary from 1st to 3rd place.

7. If you have any questions please PM me and I will answer them as best as I can.
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Oh did I forget to mention that we're not just hosting ONE Contest event but TWO. AAAAAH! YES! You get TWO contests for the price of one this weekend!

Would you care to hear about it? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!

Contest Event #2 WHOOP WHOOP!

So our theme for Contest #2 is called the 'Keep Calm' theme. You guys all know you've seen those 'Keep Calm' signs on facebook or some other social network associated website with different themes on them. E.G. Skyrim, Pokemon, or some Labyrinth stuff right? Well we've decided to have a St. Patrick's Day Associated theme with it today. This is an event for the Lulz but have fun with both contests. Okay?

1. You must use the 'Keep Calm' sign for your theme.
2. 'Keep Calm' must be followed by something related to St. Patrick's day or something Irish. Even Gaia Irish standards will work.
3. Make sure your 'Keep Calm' sign is green for the sake of the holiday.
4. Have tons of fun.
5. Please submit all 'Keep Calm' signs to me VIA PM. Thanks!
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