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Kimi no tame ni yume no tame ni
Kanaerareru nara
Toki wo koete asu wo koete
Ima hikari abite
Kono subete ga

~ . . . " Literally. Drenched. And then it started to hail. emotion_donotwant
IT 'TWAS AWEFUL. emotion_0A0 My boots got so soaked that it was like walking in friggin' soup!! emotion_bigvein
My Punk Rave pants got so wet... I was afraid they would rust... ; A ;
Luckily they didn't~ emotion_yatta

Anyone else go to the Dogtown parade? emotion_bigheart

Even though I was soaked to the bone, it was still a lot of fun!!
(I like the Dogtown parade better than the downtown one, because of all of the people that are drunk off their a**. They're so much fun to laugh at~! emotion_bigheart )

Okay, well most of it was fun...
All of it, except for the two drunk chicks that were standing behind us yelling obscenities and squealing at the top of their lungs for friggin' beads...
Their conversation was inane too...
=_____ =;;
. . .
(I came so close to strangling them with my suspenders....)

LOL. When we finally got back to our hotel room all four us (my family and I) had the shivers and shakes. XD
. . .
And then somehow... the next day when we got in our car.... it smelt like fish...? User Image
. . .

Did you go to a St. Patrick's day parade?? heart
Did you have fun!? emotion_kirakira
" . . . ~

Kimi to futari yume no hitotsu
Sakaserareru nara
Toki wo kasane asu wo kasane
Ima mayoi sutete
Kono sugata ga nokoru you ni

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