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my school spring break ended today so i'm back at school but i heard that other school don't have school today in my area and we're the only place who went back to school today :/ so just to make sure who only had 1 week of spring break?
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I DO ; O;
sucks right? and wat state u live in? if i can ask
I had one week too :/
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Mine started this week 3nodding
same here sucks doesnt it? only 1 week! whyyyy???? sad
Mine ended march 27 or 28th cant remember
HA LOL mine started on the 23th and ended today. BUT my leg broke lol i am out 7 or 8 more days biggrin
my spring break was only one week long and i went back to school today 4/9
i wish spring break was longer.... crying
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I've always had only one week of Spring Break
mine (for this year) ended almost a month ago and it was full of homework T^T
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mine started on good friday
and i'll have school next week

yeah i guess you can say tahts 1 week
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yeah one week, wooh thats alot -____- they should atleast have it 2 weeks, id love that. heart
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I have a week of spring break coming up at the end of this week. It starts on the 14th and ends on the 23rd.
why a week .....we need more than that

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