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there was a story when i was under my spring break from high school. as a junior, that i am, i blasted out loud and had a great time. i was so excited on every outing i went out with my family. the very first thing that i did from the point i left my boring, lame-a** english class i sped off the campus accross the street and nearly got run over by a nissan truck and at that point i didn't care whether i died or not. i was dazed, tranced whatev and i am not making sense. oh, well as the story goes on: i call my brother who is older than me by a month and i hate that vermin but he can be quite useful when i need advice. when i dialed the phone to call him once it straighted to his voicemail and he set a stupid messagebox entry. damn you brother! anyways, i called him again and hallelujah he answered my prayer to answer the god damn phone thanks so much brother and i told him to pick me and my skinny a** up. well not like that exactly because it ocurred to me when i hung up he was already on his way. so then i was mad at him more like overly pissed off for the fact that i wasted my .30 minutes of my phone's service life on calling him if he was 1/4th of a mile to get to me to take me home. i did not go off on him it was impossible. impossible should be impossible and i know but my brother has to drive with blasting rap music from his tiny blue neon and he can't hear the warnings of the world like ambulences. hell what if a police had been chasing him he wouldn't know because he doesn't pay any attention!

note*okay okay i am not finishing i have to go and this story is completely a lie so you are a dumbass if you believe this story.
******** a** my a** is screened ><
[******** a** my a** is screened ><naw its just cencored. but no worries. i see teh words clearly (filter turned off)
Da All Original Fatass
[******** a** my a** is screened ><
naw its just cencored. but no worries. i see teh words clearly (filter turned off)
oh _ thanks smile
well then that is an ok story to tell to da public i gess that wuz ok to say

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