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I don't even think I've ever had one, except when I was in elementary school.

Oh, wait, I did in college. And it was just another couple weeks off, nothing memorable. maybe I'm just too old to feel enthusiastic about something that seems to revolve around fools and drunken carousing and date-rape dodging.
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My spring break doesn't start until another 1 week, so I'm still stuck in school.
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You're not alone. I haven't started spring break, either.
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I haven't started spring break yet either, so your not the only one
start spring break. ha. i dont even get a break i start work instead
on the 19th i started spring break and im off for 5 weeks
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My spring break doesnt start untill April 16th
That sucks :-/ Where are you? I know the spring break for the elementary & high schools in my state was two weeks ago, and now it's spring break for the university level. Hope yours rolls around soon! smile
You're definitely not alone. For some reason while all of the other schools (even the ones in the state system) seem to have a spring break AND a break for easter, my university thought they could save some hassle by lumping it together into one 5-day period. Yeah...real smart SBU, real smart. Oh well, it's better than last year. Last year we had spring break, came back for two weeks and then semester ended. crying
Eh I had my springbreak not too long ago oddly enough my school does considering its position for the lifestyle and studies those there are having and taking, mine was from the 11-17 and thats not counting the weekend before it started. Wish I had it right now I just woke up and still feel like shasta shorts and that I want to crawl back into bed like a bear and hibernate until 10 at the earliest !
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na ur not the only 1 my spring spreak starts either next week or after that :/ wow i fel like by the time i get spring break everyone's will b over
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Darlene the Ninja
start spring break. ha. i dont even get a break i start work instead
on the 19th i started spring break and im off for 5 weeks
why is your spring break so long??? we only get a week off here
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Do ya wuuv me
I started spring break today ;D hell yeah. but I wouldn't consider it spring right now, we are in 6 feet of snow D: its been snowing non stop since 5 am yesterday morning...its...so...damn...cold. D:
Where do you live?

oregon :/
You live in oregon too, eh? Where? Cause we're not getting nothin' but rain. emotion_8c
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Mine starts on Friday.
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nope , i haven't yet either.

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