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my all time favorite sports are football and fishing.
thats so cool! soccer sounds so lame, footie sounds much better. any1 play soccer/ footie? (me, iv been playing for over 8 yrs.)
my fav sport is basketball.....there is nothing better than crossing over someone and make them fall on their a** afterward
FOOTBALL!!! GREEN BAY ROCKS!!! and soccer to... and PAINTBALL!!!
Depends on if its watching or playing
watching-hockey all the way. Go Sharks!
playing- anything under the sun but I'll drop it all for water polo
My favorite sport is baseball,

Swing and a Drive Way Back no no no no noooooo Its out of here
basketball okay so is football becuase of the contact. Actually i play all sports exept for golf boring domokun xp
My favourite sport's swimming and ride- biking. They r cool sports! biggrin
my favorite sport is hockey yah hockey because I am canadian
Soccer rulez heart Go mustangs! you rock on!
i don't really have a favourite sport, but many: badminton, soccer, baseball and track, if it is considered a sport!
oh and i forgot.. HOCKEY!
I LOVE BASKETBALL AND FOOTBALL!!! and a little soccr
but its' all about football!

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