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Announcement (9/6/14):
The new 2014 NFL season began on Thursday 9/4/14! Let's hope for an amazing year! Have fun everyone.

Announcement (4/22/10):
The 2010 NFL Draft is underway and there is no shortage on big splashes being made.

Announcement (2/07/10):
Congratulations to the Saints on their Super Bowl victory against the Colts. It was a great game!

Announcement (6/19/09):
Well, it's almost that time of year again. Training camps start in a little over a month! 'Til then...

Announcement (2/1/09):
This is what we've all been waiting for...THE SUPER BOWL IS FINALLY HERE!! It's the Steelers & the Cardinals facing off today at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. I wish 'em both luck. Now, let's grab our snacks and watch this thing!!

Announcement (1/1/09):
Hey everyone! Yeppp, it's that time of year again. PLAYOFFS! Playoffs? We're talking about playoffs? We're just trying to win a game! Haha, but really I can't wait until this Saturday for the first games of this year's playoffs!
Don't forget to watch!

Announcement (9/3/0 cool :
What's up everyone? Well, there's only one day until the regular season starts with the Redskins vs. Giants on NBC @ 7 p.m. eastern time! I hope you can watch it.

Announcement (8/13/0 cool :
Gear up everyone! Pre-season is already here, which means that the Regular season is just that much closer. I can't wait!!

Announcement (7/13/0 cool :
Hey everybody! I know it's been a while, but I got an important notice. We have a new Affiliate! I know, it's been a long time since we had one of those as well. xd But, the affiliate seems like a cool thread to me. I mean, who doesn't like people who donate? It's called the "Randonation Project!" cool So go check 'em out. Scroll down to the 6th post! By the way, I know they don't really have anything to do with sports, but I thought it'd be nice to branch out and broaden our horizons...and stuff like that. xd Quick link: The Randonation Project!

Announcement (2/3/200 cool :
CONGRATS to the New York Football Giants on their massive upset against the 18-1 New England Patriots, who gave up a great fight and played a great game. See ya next year!

Announcement (2/2/0 cool :
Well, looks like it's that time again everybody! Yup, the Super Bowl is here!!! Can't wait to see it tomorrow, how 'bout you? Don't forget to tune in to FOX tomorrow around 6 for pregame stuff or ealier!! Enjoy it!

Announcement (1/14/0 cool :
Happy new year everbody, and can you believe only 4 teams are remaining in the playoffs? It's either gonna be the Patriots, Packers, Giants, or Chargers in the Super Bowl! Good luck to any of your teams...if they're playing, haha! blaugh

Announcement (12/30/07):
Wow, it's been an amazing season hasn't it? Whether your team made it into the playoffs (whether it be by chance or brute strength...I know that was cheesy) try to watch the playoffs starting next Saturday! See ya there...well not really. xd

Announcement (11/27/07):
May Washington Redskins player, Sean Taylor who was not only an outstanding player, but a father as well be remembered today and forever. Rest in Peace Sean Taylor!

Announcement! (11/5/07):
It's past midway of the season! Make sure to support your team as usual and keep posting!

Announcement! (9/8/07):
It's official! The 2007-2008 regular season has now started! Grab them jerseys, grab that controller and watch some Football!

Announcement! (8/27/07):
One more week of pre-season Football, and it's off to the regular season! Everyone get ready!

Announcement! (4/21/07):
Respect & Love goes out to all the families of the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy! Our hearts are with ya!

Announcement! (2/4/07):
The Indianapolis Colts have just won the 41st Super Bowl! Congrats to them and their franchise. Honorable mention to the Bears for making it that far!

Announcement! (1/13/07):
It's a new year! And that means a new playoff season for the NFL. Yes, that's right, it's the 2007 playoffs baby! So enjoy the rush of the NFL thread, as many conversations happen, and at a fast pace too!
Alright, have a good time! Later!

Announcement! (12/7/06):
NFL Polling Guild!---New guild about Football! Give it a try and join it today!

The AKILLA Projekt takes place. -See "News" post for more info! "And so it begins."

*Updated "Fans of Teams" post! Go check it out now!

Hello, and welcome to The Official/Unofficial NFL (National Football League) Thread version 2.0! Why is it 2.0?? Well that's quite simple, the other thread was lost in the thread loss error stuff things so yeah, I made a second one before someone else could. twisted But anyway, here you can talk about anything you like about FOOTBALL yay! Stats, scheduling, standings, everything here at The Official/Unofficial NFL (National Football League) Thread version 2.0!

1st post: Intro/Teams/Old Polls/Quotes from thread
2nd post: Standings
3rd post: Stats
4th post: Schedule
5th post: News
6th post: Banners/Affiliates (post if you wanna be my "partner of threads" wink
7th post: Fans of Teams (post your favorite team)

Mac Boney
Randy Moss admits he uses maijuana:

Click Here

eek surprised
I knew it!

suicidial tendancy
you know whats funny about this whole matt lienert thing is he plays on a team call d the TROJONS he should know better than to not use protection.

(In reference to how many spammish and typical posts there will be during Super Bowl time, look around page 2190's to see what I'm talking about)
Jenny the Headcase
malik jin
Example....uhhh....what letter are we on now?


Manik the Malevolent
Manik the Malevolent
xd I ignored his comment. I think he's a bit on the "simple" side.
Nahhh, JR's alright, but Steven's is a F_GGOT, and you can fill in the blank bruv.
...Would it happen to be an "A"?

Heh he got kneed in the balls.
OMFG BRAH! Youz won 20 thousand dollaz!
Momma! We don't have to live in the ghetto anymore! Momma momma!

lets see. first off big ben is ok... too slow i think. I am counting on their running game. iron curtain is.... no comment

Iron Curtain? Pittsburgh isn't in the Soviet Union last I checked, it's the STEEL Curtain.

Jenny the Headcase
Yeah, man, I'm totally ready for the San Diego - New England.
Gotta win this game and start our road to the #1 seed again.

Hmm, should be an exciting and interesting game.
We should put a safety (Weddle) on Moss with Jammer, that should neutralize him at least some. I believe our front four will be much better than what the Jets.

Hopefully the pats won't cheat against us, lol.

Drew Johnson
Hiro Protaganista
what happens to all the 19-0 t-shirts, the book, and all the rest?

I think The D-line deserved the MVP trophy.

This time I have no problem with Shula and co. popping the cork. No problem at all

The NFL donates the shirts to a poor country in Africa.

Jenny the Headcase
Micheal Vicks gonna comeback next year, HELL YEAH go VICK

Yeah, in the PFL (Prison Football League).
In fact, he's going to be the MVP of that league no doubt!


Operation Desert Storm
If the NFL was really against abuse, they would have stopped that Tampa Bay-Atlanta game.

Old Polls:

Do you think your team is going to do well this season?
37% [ 234 ]
17% [ 109 ]
25% [ 155 ]
19% [ 122 ]

Total Votes : 620
So, how has your team done so far?
30% [ 98 ]
11% [ 36 ]
Fairly Well
20% [ 64 ]
Fairly Bad
8% [ 28 ]
Don't Know / My option isn't here
29% [ 93 ]

Total Votes : 319
Is your team going to the playoffs?
40% [ 62 ]
26% [ 40 ]
Don't know yet
32% [ 50 ]

Total Votes : 152
Is your team moving on to the next round of the playoffs?
54% [ 105 ]
45% [ 88 ]

Total Votes : 193
Who's going to win the Super Bowl?
Pittsburgh Steelers
57% [ 107 ]
Seattle Seahawks
42% [ 79 ]

Total Votes : 186
Which position will have the most injured?
26% [ 123 ]
15% [ 69 ]
Wide Receiver/Tight End
10% [ 46 ]
Offensive Lineman
8% [ 40 ]
Defensive Lineman
8% [ 38 ]
2% [ 13 ]
Middle Linebacker/Outside Linbacker
2% [ 13 ]
2% [ 12 ]
22% [ 104 ]

Total Votes : 458

Should Kurt Warner be benched already?
51% [ 18 ]
48% [ 17 ]

Total Votes : 35
(only 35 because the Cardinals changed their minds the same day I put the poll up...)

Which team will lose a game first?
Chicago Bears
44% [ 104 ]
Indianapolis Colts
55% [ 130 ]

Total Votes : 234
Do you believe in 11ven?
55% [ 115 ]
44% [ 94 ]

Total Votes : 209
Which of these teams will go to the Super Bowl?
Chicago Bears
22% [ 87 ]
Indianapolis Colts
15% [ 61 ]
Philadelphia Eagles
7% [ 29 ]
New Orleans Saints
17% [ 67 ]
Baltimore Ravens
3% [ 15 ]
San Diego "Super" Chargers
9% [ 36 ]
Seattle Seahawks
6% [ 24 ]
New England Patriots
18% [ 74 ]

Total Votes : 393
Which team will win the Super Bowl?
Chicago Bears
53% [ 120 ]
Indianapolis Colts
46% [ 106 ]

Total Votes : 226
Will JaMarcus Russell become the #1 Draft Pick In 2007?
50% [ 79 ]
49% [ 77 ]

Total Votes : 156
Excited About Pre-Season?
69% [ 70 ]
30% [ 31 ]

Total Votes : 101
What's your favorite Thanksgiving Day food?
Turkey/other kind of bird 41.7% [ 10 ]
Potatoes/Veggies 8.3% [ 2 ]
Pie/Dessert 41.7% [ 10 ]
Other 8.3% [ 2 ]

Total Votes: 24
Is your team going to the playoffs? (part 2)
Yes 61.5% [ 96 ]
No 20.5% [ 32 ]
Don't know yet 17.9% [ 28 ]

Total Votes: 156
Which two teams will go to the Super Bowl?
Patriots / Packers 59.5% [ 44 ]
Giants / Chargers 10.8% [ 8 ]
Patriots / Giants 14.9% [ 11 ]
Packers / Chargers 14.9% [ 11 ]

Total Votes: 74
Who will win the Super Bowl?
New England Patriots 52.3% [ 123 ]
New York Giants 47.7% [ 112 ]

Total Votes: 235
Will DT Glenn Dorsey be picked #1 in the draft?
Yes 35.5% [ 66 ]
No 64.5% [ 120 ]

Total Votes: 186
Should Brett Favre make a comeback?
Yes, with the Packers 32.5% [ 53 ]
Yes, with another team 28.2% [ 46 ]
No 39.3% [ 64 ]

Total Votes: 163
Is your team going to the playoffs (part 3)
Yes, I can't wait! 56.8% [ 54 ]
No...well there's always next year 43.2% [ 41 ]

Total Votes: 95
Who will win Super Bowl XLIII (43)?
Pittsburgh Steelers 41.5% [ 34 ]
Arizona Cardinals 58.5% [ 48 ]

Total Votes: 82
Do you want to see Michael Vick back in the NFL?
Yes 50.9% [ 54 ]
No 35.8% [ 38 ]
Undecided at this point 13.2% [ 14 ]

Total Votes: 106
Who is currently the best QB in the NFL? (suggested by Dude-LAP. Thanks, DL)!
Peyton Manning 24.5% [ 186 ]
Tom Brady 21.4% [ 162 ]
Drew Brees 19.5% [ 148 ]
Other 34.6% [ 262 ]

Total Votes: 758
Which rookie QB will have the biggest impact in the future?
Sam Bradford 36.4% [ 135 ]
Tim Tebow 32.6% [ 121 ]
Jimmy Clausen 8.1% [ 30 ]
Colt McCoy 22.9% [ 85 ]

Total Votes: [ 371 ]
(voting ended 3/23/2012: 11:35 p.m.)

Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins
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Team Standings!

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ESPN.com Full Schedule
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(news will go here)


PRE-SEASON IS STARTING UP! Hall of Fame game has already ended.
Sept. 2, 06
• Knee ends season for Texans running back Davis
• Specialist: Vinatieri has sprained ligament, not break
• Patriots deal for Raiders wide receiver Gabriel
Pre-season over!
Sept. 10 & 11, 06
• Opening weekend of NFL over
• Seahawks pick up Deion Branch
• Trent Green out for 1 to 2 games for concussion
Sept. 14, 06
• Portis misses practice, expects to play vs. Cowboys
• New Packer WR Robinson expects to play Sunday
• Cadillac sits with back spasms; Bucs expect him to play
• Panthers continue to wait on Smith, who doesn't practice
Sept. 16, 06
• Something big is going on underground at the NFL Thread 2.0! Mastermind AKILLA has fresh info about new banners for the thread.
Sept. 22, 06
• Can't miss: T.O. says he'll 'definitely' play vs. Eagles
• Jets WR Coles still questionable for Bills game
• Insurance plan: Colts may sign Gramatica for Sunday
Sept. 24, 06
• Sun Sep 24, 2006 5:59 pm, mod Sashanaru posted making her the first mod to post in the NFL Thread!
Sept. 27, 06
•Terrell Owens denies attempts of suicide
Sept. 28, 06
• NFL owners to consider games played outside U.S.
• Alexander to play? Holmgren not feeling risky
• Seahawks DT Tubbs has knee surgery, out Sunday
• Bengals' Thurman suspended for season following arrest
Oct. 3, 06
•Tue Oct 03, 2006 1:28 am, mod Xiahou Dun posted making him the second mod to post in the NFL Thread!
• After rough night covering Eagles, Pack release Carroll
• Haynesworth apologizes to Gurode, won't appeal penalty
• Simms recovering from spleen removal, out of hospital
Jan. 1, 07
• First round of the playoffs are over, second round is right around the corner
February 4, 07
• Super Bowl XLI is going to take place today in Miami, Florida! The two lucky teams are the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts! I wish my luck to both of these teams today!
February 4, 07
• The Indianapolis Colts take the Super Bowl! Congrats to the whole team, and a nice effort from the Bears!
March 24, 07
• Offseason continues; Texans release QB Carr
• Broncos' Wilson fails physical; trade now unlikely
August 11, 07
• 49ers home field to be named after Walsh
• Court OKs Pacman's wrestling restrictions
September 12, 07
• Coughlin 'encouraged' with Eli; QB takes snaps
• New England Patriots accused of taping defensive signals
• Kevin Everett (Buffalo Bills TE) doing well
October 14, 07
• Battle of the undefeateds - - - Dallas VS New England *Game of the Week
November 23, 07
• CFL commish sees NFL team in Toronto's future
• Injured McNabb misses second day of practice
• Philadelphia @ New England * Game of the Week!
February 2, 08
• It's what we've all been waiting for, the Super Bowl will be played tomorrow! Hope everyone'll be watching and uhh...let's wish each other luck shall we?
February 9, 08
• Well, the season's over. Now all we got is the Pro Bowl, don't know if I'll be watching that. I don't even know when it's on. xd But anyway, it was a fantastic season, and I hope you all had about as much of a great time as I did! See ya next season, but feel free to stick around and chat it up during the off-season!
March 4, 08
• Brett Favre retires after 17 seasons in the NFL, he'll be missed!
• Warren Sapp retires later that night
August 18, 09
• Anonymous Vikings players claim that Brett Favre will be a Viking by the third preseason game.
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(AKILLA's and shindoku's homemade banners and "Affiliates" will go here)

Photobucket | Tinypic
So with that said, here's the banners!

* And remember, if you have any questions, or don't know how to figure anything out, just pm me for info!

User Image
Official Home of the National Basketball Association!
CFL Thread!
Official Home of the Canadian Football League!
NFL Polling Guild!
Official Home of National Football League Polling! (Guild)
The Randonation Project!
Official Home of the Randonation Project Members!
User Image
Randonation : ran·do·na·tion [ran-doh-ney-shuh-n]
1. Act of randomly giving out gold and items not because one has to, but because one can.
2. A randomly donated gift.

The Official Steelers Football Thread!
Official Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers!
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Fans of Teams!

(As of October 2007):
* If you feel like you've earned a spot, and want to be on the list, send me a pm asking to put you on. (if you've completed the below requirements!!!)

(As of September 2007): For your name to become apart of the "Fans of Teams" list, post a short paragraph about your favorite team and why you love, cherish and support them! xd .
* As always, you have to be a regular chatter in the thread.

Bold= Hardcore fan!
Not bold= Regular fan
Pink bold=Madly in love with the whole team!
Green bold=First mate of Cap'n Fizzle Pants
Blue bold=Newly added members
Purple bold=Up & Comers (new people in the thread, but already moving up the scales!)
*=Hiatus/taking break

Want your name to be bold? Become a regular and we'll see.

Arizona Cardinals-
Atlanta Falcons- Salvation Angel
Baltimore Ravens-C-Pain_Rebirthed
Buffalo Bills-VirtualxPlague a.k.a. evilresident...666
Carolina Panthers-
Chicago Bears-[[UnFulfilled Feelings]] a.k.a.
~H!ckorySmoked M!lkbone!~, Padre Hellsing, luis_avelino_jr
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns-
Dallas Cowboys- miles18 ( mad )
Denver Broncos-icedog123, luvs_vampires27
Detroit Lions-
Green Bay Packers-Mom, Rookie40
Houston Texans-
Indianapolis Colts-
Jacksonville Jaguars-
Kansas City Chiefs-
Miami Dolphins-Chicago Sports Fan question
Minnesota Vikings-*Vikingsprincess5, pastortroy, MooseFanMB
New England Patriots-AKILLA, soadshuyin, Dropkickmurphys01, GourryGabriev25
New Orleans Saints-Saintsrule0002, Nefarious Soy
New York Giants- Dude-LAP
New York Jets- Andi.BR a.k.a Andiii
Oakland Raiders-Raiderfan_15, TinHawk, Drew Johnson
Philadelphia Eagles-Demon, K Col a.k.a. Le Mighty Zeus,
Pittsburgh Steelers-Siven, Nasulril, Star_Fire1, Rob West, Jenny_san
San Diego Chargers-shindoku
San Francisco 49ers-suicidial tendency, Thefreshprinceofbelair
Seattle Seahawks-Renzo Tace, J.R. Cash a.k.a. eye_em_smart_124
St. Louis Rams-Sashanaru, Nobunaga Oda13
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Jenny the Headcase, x.xpirateloveex.x, Cane da Angelo
Tennessee Titans-
Washington Redskins-Eyes, Slyeder, DesolatorMKX, JeanGreyson

Up & Comers: Knasty Knight, i iz rly baked
Unknowns: As of now, no-one! steven_36, I think you like the Pats. I aint sure though bro.

Like Jenny/Zach said I'm forgetfull! (look on page 640-642)
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Alright, you can post now. mrgreen Post all about Football like the upcoming season, the past NFL draft, off-season signings, and yadda yadda yadda.
Way to steal the whole 2.0 thing from the National Hockey League Chat. xd
my fave team is the colts go peyton manning
Favorite team is the Green Bay Packers.
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Way to steal the whole 2.0 thing from the National Hockey League Chat. xd

Thanks. xd Although I might have done it before if some people didn't ruin the threads I was trying to make. (newbies)
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Super Spirit

Alright, let's try to remember here...we had Team Standings...something else...man, maybe stats and injuries...yes...uh...schedule! Something else too...oh well maybe somebody will remember. mrgreen
Hey Eyes! I just wanted to pop in and say "Hi", and good luck running this thread. Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, my fav NFL team is the Minnesota Vikings.

But now I gotta go, so I'll ttyl. Bye!

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