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What do you think about the new Miami Heat team (Wade, Lebron, Bosh)?

Awesome! They're going to win multiple championships! 0.32608695652174 32.6% [ 45 ]
Good, but not enough to compete with the Lakers. 0.28985507246377 29.0% [ 40 ]
Terrible. You are a sell-out, Lebron. 0.38405797101449 38.4% [ 53 ]
Total Votes:[ 138 ]
About the Thread
In this topic, you may discuss topics related to the NBA or basketball. The National Basketball Association League was founded in New York City in 1946. Since then, the league has became a form of entertainment. There is currently 30 teams in the league ranging from major cities such as Los Angeles to Atlanta.

The NBA is one of many major professional sport leagues. It is a showcase of talent from professional men that specialize in basketball.

About the Creator
I am a basketball fanatic and have been watching basketball for a while. I have created this thread for other fans to come and discuss games and other sports-related topics. I am slowly turning into a basketball analyst but do not wish to be one in the future. Basketball is one of my hobbies, and watching the NBA is another. Love the game with a passion.


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june 10, 2006 - Fro' to Chi-Town
The biggest news in the FA market is Ben Wallace making the transition from the Detroit Pistons to the Chicago Bulls. Will this resurrect the old rivalry between these two teams? The Chicago Bulls are said to be the most improved team this offseason with their two draft acquistions, LSU's Tyrus Thomas, and Thabo Sefolosha from Switzerland. Tyrus Thomas was a big sparkplug during this year's NCAA tournament, outperforming his teammate Glen Davis, and led the LSU Tigers to the Final Four. Sefolosha played in the Euro league, offering not only experience, but also a knack for defense. With Ben Wallace added to their line-up, they are expected to be a contender and a dangerous team with a lot of depth.

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february 24, 2006 - Thread is Remade
The thread is remade. Why? The old thread was unorganized and I felt it needed some order. This thread will possibly have more contests, an easier navigation key, and new polls every Sunday. Make yourself at home. =]
go blazers they suck know but maybe not next year!!!!
Woo this thread is nicely made.

So how about them knicks -.-
i got chris paul as the mvp even tho the hornets arent doing well. but that kid can ball
i got chris paul as the mvp even tho the hornets arent doing well. but that kid can ball

MVP ? You mean rookie of the year, right ? Paul's ill, but he's no MVP. MVP candidates would be like Duncan, Lebron, kobe even, elton brand, steve nash, and you could even make a case for chauncey billups.
i got chris paul as the mvp even tho the hornets arent doing well. but that kid can ball

MVP!? As a rookie!? Never! I hope you mean rookie of the year. Chris Paul is good, I agree that he deserves rookie of the year. But you can't compare a rookie with all star standouts like Steve Nash or Kobe Bryant...
Oh and for the poll, I'd rather state my opinion and say that Chris Paul will recieve the most votes and win rookie of the year. And Channing Fyre will come in second.

Personally, I want Fyre because I happen to be a New York Knicks fan.

Suggestion: Change Raymond Felton and put in Nate Robinson

That is all.

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