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RedDragon RYZA
RedDragon RYZA
Just a bit curious, what rank are you in your form of martial arts, and how long have you been training? Oh! And what style do you practice?

For me, I'm a master green belt(intermediate) in Red Dragon Karate(hence my username) and I'm kind of in the middle of training for my black belt.

As for how long, I've been going since I was eight, I'm now fourteen. So, I'd say about six years, give or take a few since I went on and off in the summer time.
Wait you go to Kyoshi Jason David Franks dojo? O_O i just talked to him last week!

Ahaha, no the studio I went to is a small one in SoCal : ) My studio's head instructor is William Andersen. :/

I haven't gone to karate in a while, I'm afraid...
I thought the Red Dragon schools were the Cassamassa family's.

They are, but there are a lot of establishments of the school in SoCal