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Thank you to everyone who helped make this the largest Thread in the Sports Forum from 2010 to 2014, and took part in the many Hockey related discussions from 2004 to 2014. Even though I left Gaia five years ago, I wanted to come back to let you know that it was a pleasure to get to know each and every single one of you during my time here. For those of you I called friends; thank you for everything and I'll miss you all. Shout outs in particular to AKILLA, Linkin, BreTard, canadianguy, daemon, GHL, Eyes, Kitami-Chan, MooseFan, Leonard Snart, and the many others who gave up your gold, generosity, time, efforts, etc in helping to create this thread, the Gaian Hockey Guild, the 2004 World Cup of Hockey Thread, and helping to host the 2006 Winter Olympics and Gaian Hockey League. I'll never forget the fun we had in all of those venues. For those I argued with or angered; I apologize. I hope you can look past the pointless arguments, name calling, etc that we all once shared here. I know I have. I wish each and every one of you all the best, and I'll see you all on the flip side one day. -Jasperoni, October 7th, 2014.

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-=-The Official Gaian Hockey Thread-=-
The Largest Body in the Sports Forum
Formerly the Largest Body in the Recycle Bin ~ Circa 2009

Welcome to the Official Gaian Hockey Thread! The original thread dates back to September 2004 and was killed during Gaia's thread movement. The NHL Chat Version 2.0 came back in 2005, and now the Hockey spirit lives on in the Official Gaian Hockey Thread! Come in and chat about any topic of Hockey you like, everyone is welcome, but please read the rules before posting.

-Thread Rules-
Follow the Gaian ToS
No Flaming
No Trolling
No Spamming
No Bumping
No Leetspeak
No Advertising
No video game discussions
No Puck Bunny discussions
No off-topic discussions

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We're opened up. For the second time and I'll fix it up a bit better later. 3nodding
In association with

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Welcome to the NHL Chat version 2. The old thread dates back to around September 2004 and it was killed during Gaia's thread movement. But the hockey spirit lives on in the NHL Chat Version 2.0. Come in and chat about any topic of hockey you like. Keep it to hockey related things also.

The thread rules are simple, stick to the Gaia ToS (Terms of Service). Another thing this thread is trying to stay clear of is any bumping and none of that stupid "733t" junk.. So yah enjoy yourselves and try to keep this thread at a semi-smart level.

are u canadian?
Soo.. Team Canada has made their selections for the 2006 Olympics. I am not too sure about all the older guys they picked.. Once again also upset not to see Bertuzzi's name anywhere.. sweatdrop
Looks good Jas 3nodding

I saw some news about the CBA recently and things are starting to look good.
Yay a hockey thread! anyone like the pens or the ducks?
I really hope they don't go to the bigger nets. Especially the round ones.
I'd like to see the bigger nets the golies need to train harder and be more talented to tend them so i think the role of a goaltender is going to be bigger
Cool,and NHL chat,so i heard that the NHL has probably reached a deal...When do you think they will or have they already?
I'm prittey sure they agreed on the slaray cap but are still negotiating about the price range...
I'd like to see the bigger nets the golies need to train harder and be more talented to tend them so i think the role of a goaltender is going to be bigger

Train harder? Come on they already train hard and their role is already big enough.
They're already making goalie equipment smaller. I don't think they should make too many goalie rule changes too quickly.

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