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Current issue:
I've been getting the "Sorry... This activity is no longer available" message constantly for several days now, with no videos I can actually watch.

Previous issues:
I'm really confused by this, but it appears that sometimes, when you finish watching video #1 and it offers you a link to continue to the next video you're eligible to watch, no new window appears when you click but the sound for a nonexistent video starts playing after a minute or two anyway. I still seem to get GC for these invisible videos; there just seems to be a glitch somewhere along the line that probably should be looked at.

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This has been happening for the last two days. Before, if there weren't any videos that I was eligible to watch, it simply wouldn't show me anything. The weird thing is that these are videos that I've watched multiple times before (once a day or so) successfully.
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I have also had Social Vibe show the video and refuse to give the GC.
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I'm having the same problem and it's really annoying.
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I just had this issue. And this offer was one I haven't even tried before, or ever!
Social Vibe is not giving GC, but instead saying I already did it - AFTER I did it.
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This happens to me too. I saw a thread about it in Site Feedback too and it turned out it's happening to most everyone.
I'm reusing this thread for a new SocialVibe-related issue.

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