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Today I received a rejected notice on a support ticket I had submitted. The offer was literally signing up for a website. Yet after completing the requirements, and sending them a screenshot of my confirmation email, I still had not performed my actions to their satisfaction.

The offer in question was the SupersonicAds Fiverr signup, which was in the Free section, and worth 85 GC. The offer has since been replaced with a similar offer that requires you to buy something, which is worth 595 GC.

My offer wall has the original amount, but the second offer's requirements. Apparently, you now have to take a screenshot of the offer, in addition to the confirmation page, to prove you're telling the truth.

From now on, if I have a valid claim, which is then denied, I will be boycotting the relevant provider entirely. I will not complete any more offers with them. I will ignore all their videos, which I know are guaranteed to pay out. They will not generate any more revenue from me.