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Can we please take the IMVU video out of the Cash Tree videos? You have to do more that just watch the video to earn the cash. It does not belong under the Cash Tree.

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I don't know if this is the place to report my issue.
But the supersonic video ads aren't working for me, I'm using google chrome. Hopefully someone can help me with this problem, much appreciated.

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Clicked to to an OfferX offer and the redirect had a trojan in it apparently.
Avast picked up the trojan horse and blocked it.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Do NOT do OfferX offer's if you don't have an anti-virus unless it's been confirmed that the virus is a false-positive.

The location of the offer is probably in the UK only, and it may be in more than one offer suppier but this one was from gWallet.
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How about the, "Find friends with benefits and Be Naughty!" Offer from Matomy for a whopping 6054 Gaia Cash?

As intriguing as that sounds, it also sounds a bit inappropriate.
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Game Coins has the following malware offer for 85 GC:

"Try out this free software
Edit Phoot, Photo Retouching, Image Composition, and Image Authoring all at your fingertips and free!
Download software and retouch photos to earn gcash. No purchase, no credit card required to receive credits. Free, Credit Within 30 minutes"

The link leads here:

It looks like GIMP and says it's GIMP, but when you DL it, you're redirected here:

This is malware disguised as GIMP.
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hii ive just filled out the netflix offer and havnt recieved the gaia cash i would like to know if theres a link or some one i would have to report this to can some one help i would very much appreciate :3
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Unusual and not family friendly gambit offer.

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Adds for "meet singles" are all over Gaia right now and just about every time I log on there is a topless girl or one with a completely transparent shirt - nipples and areola fully visible-


I do not believe topless dating/sex hook-up adds fits with pg 13
gWallet has malware on the 'free snuggle sample' add
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random pages on gaia that have an advertisement on them, it seems that they try to launch a virus at you.
this happened recently and this is my second time posting about this- I'm seriously concerned about safety on gaia, especially if the issues are coming from adverts!

http://www.avast.com/lp-security-information-fp2?p_ext=&utm_campaign=Virus_alert&utm_source=prg_fav_60_0&utm_medium=prg_systray&utm_content=./fa/en-ww/virus-alert-challenger2&p_vir=html:RedirME-inf [Trj]&p_prc=file://C rogram Files (x86)Mozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe&p_obj=http://www.sitesled.com/file-not-found.php|>{gzip}&p_var=./fa/en-ww/virus-alert-default2&p_pro=0&p_vep=6&p_ves=0&p_lqa=0&p_lsu=24&p_lst=0&p_lex=163&p_lng=en&p_lid=en-ww&p_elm=7&p_vbd=1367
I would like to report a few cash offers that contain harmful software to the user.

Both "DLeasy - Real Player" and "Arcadeweb - Street Fighter" Found via SponsorPay Contain a file calling itself


Obviosuly, blatent AdWare. But folks without a good form of virus protection are at great risk.

"Adware covers programs designed to display advertisements (usually in the form of banners), redirect search requests to advertising websites, and collect marketing-type data about the user (e.g. which types of websites s/he visits) in order to display customized advertising on the computer.

Other than displaying advertisements and collecting data, these types of program generally do not make their presence in the system known: there will be no signs of the program in the system tray, and no indication in the program menu that files have been installed. Often, Adware programs do not have any uninstall procedures and use technologies which border on virus technology to help the program stealthily penetrate the computer and run unnoticed."

If someone could look into this, id be grateful.
I'm unsure about "DLeasy - Real Player". The arcadeweb offer is definatlly infected with this, But i may be getting false positives about the DLeasy one.

At the very least, the offer should mention that the adware is present as it does with a few other offers.
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I am just a little concerned. When I clicked the Cash Tree I was redirected to the normal page but also got a Block-Up.

My Avast Anti-Virus Popped up and informed me that they had blocked a Malicious URL.
These were the details given to me.

Infection Details
URL: http://fla15.maxexp.com/tag.html
Process: file://C: Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe
Infection: al
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elite fitness singles - matomy - 297 gc

after registering you get linked to a bunch of porn surveys and a lot of them contain graphic images. you also don't get any gaia cash.
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The download for angry birds from "play pickle" under the "Super Rewards" tab is definitely malware. Just warning other users and hopefully admin will stop endorsing the download of harmful software. I hate reformatting >.<

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