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Get rid of ALL Arcemax or whatever. I got no GC and they're known for Spyware/Malware.

i tried one and i think i got a virus D:
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the only one that ever worked for me was downloading gamevance
oh and the tasks. like the "do these shoes match?" one. I liked that one
it only gave a little cash but no info needed and you just click buttons for twenty minutes
there should be more like those
This is nowhere FREE as you said ¬¬

I've read all the "offers" you're giving to us... it's supposed it's FREE gaia cash, but I don't see how having to make a buy to get FREE gaia cash is considered FREE!!!!

-_- This is totally dissapointing, I tought I would get the chance to get cash but turns out in my crap-of-a-country I CAN'T BUY IT!!!! And paypal actually owes me 2 times I bouth cash trough it mad

C'mon, better change the "Free Cash!" slogan for something more true as "Take Offers to buy, Earn Cash"... that is way more ethic...
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FREE halirious jokes every day

u giv ur email and it 'sends' u an email to confirm it but i ve tried it three times never getting the im message angry sad
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gaia wants us to get viruses? D:
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FREE halirious jokes every day

u giv ur email and it 'sends' u an email to confirm it but i ve tried it three times never getting the im message angry sad

i got the confirmation email but never recieved my points...your not missing out on much
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Keep in mind people that Most to or ALL of these will leave your e-mail filled with spam. However, if you push hard enough, you do get paid for surveys.

If you are using Offerpal:

After you get to the last page of a survey, take a screen shot. Save this, and upload it to photobucket.

After 24 hours, file a ticket for the offer under "Diplay offer status"

File a ticket using the correct e-mail.

Give them the direct link to the completed survey screenshot in the ticket.

Even after this, it may take a few days.


Stay away from:

Anything with DOWNLOADS, like a smiley toolbar, coupon toolbar, ANY toolbar. THESE ARE BAD.

Do NOT read e-mails from offers unless they need you to activate an account, and the offer says "After registration"

About paid ones:

USE A PRE-PAID card for these. Most, if not all will sign you up for some other crap for a free "trial" that you have to cancle, and if it is not cancled, its like $60 a month. For example, Video Professor. Great Offer, just know it signs you up for something. If you are on a pre-paid card, they cannot take anything out after the card is used up, and cannot wreck your bank account.

Also, use CORRECT e-mail and info. If they suspect your info is wrong, they will decline your Cash, and possibly ban you from further offers.

Make sure to add your phone number to the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL LIST. This will reduce spam phone calls. Or, do what I do and give your phone number just one digit off, i.e last four digits be 1235 instead of 1234.
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There are hardly any offers for us here in Sweden sad
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Get rid of ALL Arcemax or whatever. I got no GC and they're known for Spyware/Malware.

Same. No cash.

The Home Depot one worked though. whee
I did the Earn fast cash by taking online surveys! and the site was called surveyhead i still dont have my gaia cash but something is making me more nervous...is there any virus in that site?
Trust Equifax® to find out who is looking at your credit report

Start erasing your debt today - Get Equifax® Debt Wise™

I've had SERIOUS problems with the Equifax offers. They ask for your social security number in order to complete the transaction, which is very unsafe, since that could lead to identity theft.

I signed up for the trial offer and tried to log in. It came back saying there was a problem with logging me in. I tried multiple times on several computers and each time it told me I couldn't get access. I even waited a few days to let them update their servers, since it told me to check back at a later time, and nothing. I let it go for a while, and then start panicking because my trial period was about to run out and I was about to be charged a ton of money for a service that I couldn't access.

I called them up to sort out the problem. The guy on the phone asked for my social security number once again. I didn't feel comfortable with telling him, because he's just some guy, and if I give him my name, birthday, address, and social security number, he'll have all he needs to steal my identity. I refused to give him the number.

This led to more problems because he told me he couldn't access my account without the number. I got my dad on the phone to talk to him and my dad was very firm with not telling him my SS number. After 30 minutes of going back and forth he relented and told me that there was another way to verify my account-- I would have to tell him exactly how much my students loans were for, which bank they came from, how much was paid off, how much still to pay off, any credit cards that listed me on them, the credit limit, and the expiration date. This seems pretty ridiculous in order to gain access to an account that should've been available to me online in the privacy of my own home.

Eventually we answered the questions to his satisfaction and he told me that I had signed up for an account, but I hadn't actually received the trial subscription. He asked me if I wanted to buy it then, but I closed my account instead.

I never received my Gaia Cash for it, either, and the whole process took well over an hour and a half.


Keep yourself and your social security number safe and stick with other offers. The Netflix one is a good deal. I signed up for Netflix through Gaia and I still use it.

After that experience, I've decided to no longer use Gaia offers and instead just purchase Gaia Cash myself if I have the money.
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bsod Slushie
Is there any offers that are like legit at all?
Ever single one I've tried before and now got me nothing.
Shouldn't they be tested or something?...


The Home Depot one is pretty legit.
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Or, do what I do and give your phone number just one digit off, i.e last four digits be 1235 instead of 1234.

They can refuse to give you Gaia Cash if you lie on the forms.
All Gaia Cash Offers.
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no way i touch this!

last time i had over 150 spy wear files added and killed this computer.this computer was down for months to do a clean sweep .delete firefox ,windows,adobe ,and acrobat.i am still load the adobe and acrobat files to work with the home.

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