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You are sickened by the weakness... Of a heart that's filled with fear.
And if the world won't understand you... You can make it disappear.
Cuz there's a dark secret... You carry with you. You carry with you.

Just posting this after playing that stupid Santa game for nearly half an hour and finally giving up, cashless. scream The game is far too hard; there's far too many enemies, not enough prizes and the controls are shot. I can be frantically pressing up or down and stupid cretinous Santa STILL gets hit by a snowball or a bird. And cuz there's no time limit on the game, I'm forced to keep playing til either a miracle happens and I collect enough prizes to make the game end, or I get frustrated with it and switch it off.

Not asking for anything to be done, just wanted to let out a scream of frustration before I exploded.

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Is that the Old Spice one? I hate that one. I could never figure out how to make it pay out. Am I supposed to win? If so, then that must be why. I never won. I can barely figure out the controls. Can he even attack? If so, IDK how. I'm just running around 'til Santa dies.
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