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Okay,I've seen alot of people have the problem with "Social Vibe" disappearing.
I dont usually get on Gaia much anymore (COLLEGE.LIFE.WORK FFFFUU) but I know my best friend is like a Gaia tycoon,so..she uses it alot,well many times people have tried.I've even tried to give some extra gold and items to people.

And I know,it disappears after a few tries where...you can't even use it.
I think I know why.It's 3 times at the end of each month now it pops up with offers and works fine.But as soon as the month ends.It's gone with no offers,that goes for most video offers,even Gaia's own.
So..I suppose it's a merely "End of the month" thing. (Yes I know that sounds wrong.)
So...my thoughts would be,for Social Vibe to work again,you have to wait till the very very end of the month each time.

So stupid as it sounds,maybe that's it?