In case you did not know, peanutlabs is a company that pays small amounts of money to random people online to take surveys so that they can give census reports to the marketing departments of various companies. Company pays them, they put out the survey and get statistics, peanutlabs pays you (barely), and the information they gather helps the original company to sell more effectively. Everyone wins (millions of dollars for the companies and peanut labs, maybe 3$ for you if you are lucky, but still worth the time if you hate paying.) Here is where you lie and cheat your way to getting that meager sum with the least effort and highest yield possible.

1: Make your way to the peanutlabs survey section. Open up INTERNET EXPLORER, as much as it may suck and you hate it, because some surveys will actually disqualify you for using firefox or chrome or something. Navigate to the gunz page on ijji, log in, click ADD GCOIN (near the login box) > Free Gcoin > Peanutlabs Media (orange peanut logo).

2: Check for SURVEYS. If surveys are available, you will see two sections. "Earn Gcoin through Surveys" and "Earn Gcoin through Offers". DO NOT do anything under offers, EVER. It is a total waste of time in every way. If you do not see anything under Surveys, or you do not see the surveys list, just wait. They update once or twice a day, usually.

3: Once a SURVEY is applicable, click on it. It will ask you if you want to create sort of a peanutlabs account with your basic information like age, race, and location if you have not already. DENY this, as it will disqualify you for several surveys automatically. Here is where the "fun" part of actually taking them begins.

-----A: They will ask basic information about you. Say you are 18-20, male, live alone, own your home, have an annual income of about 50K, you are white (no ethnicity), and live in a popular United States city. I recommend New York, New York. You could probably also use somewhere in California or Florida. Google yourself up a zip code for this city, and remember it. They know if your city and zip do not match and will disqualify you. Generally, you should always use the same city and zip. If education level comes up, select Some College. This is the perfect, prime target audience for large companies.

-----B: They will likely ask if you or any family members or friends work in specific fields, such as advertising or marketing. This is usually on a large check list. Select NONE of them and/or select None of the Above. If anyone you knew were to work somewhere that would bias your opinion, that would disqualify you.

-----C: They may ask if you have taken a survey about something recently, sometimes. Never say you have recently taken a survey of any sort. Normally you should not contradict evidence they could possibliy have against something you say, but this will disqualify you, anyway.

-----D: They may ask if you have heard of or used a specific brand of something. You may hate yourself for this later, but select ALL of the popular brands for anything like that, and if there are not many, even select ones you have never heard of. If one of those is the company employing peanut labs, and they think you have not heard of them, it may disqualify you.

-----E: The survey may offer clues as to which company is running it. Try to find out which company owns the survey. (like if they ask you to compare soda brands to Coke, it would likely be CocaCola doing the survey). Once you know, for the rest of the survey, always say you like Coke and drink it often, things like that.

-----F: If they ask you how many hours a day you play video games, or how many times a day you drink a Coke, or how many times a year you go to see a movie, pick a HIGH, but not UNREASONABLE amount. This will make them think you are a good person to get info from, but not full of s**t.

-----G: The largest portion of the survey will be asking your opinion about comparing things, rating them, etc. 90% of the time, you can just pick random answers with no consequence, which I recommend unless you do not mind being bored out of your mind an hour later. However, that does not mean you should not at least skim the questions to be safe. It may ask something like "pick the Yellow option" to make sure you are really taking it, and you do not want to randomly pick Green.

-----H: AT THE END, they will likely ask the same questions as they did at the beginning "for classification purposes". MAKE SURE they are the SAME EXACT ANSWERS, or you will likely be disqualified for lying.

Using this method, I qualify for about 90% of the surveys, and get gcoin for 75% of the ones I do. If you want to get more, check back often, because some of them come and go fast. If you have bad luck, do not become discouraged. Recently, they appear to have made it a bit harder to fraud, but still easy enough in my opinion. If anyone wants to offer more advice or a correction, post it here or email alteraluminos(at)gmail(dot)com. I will update this if needed, or if I think of anything else. I mean for it to help, so tell me if it does.

This is not mine but i gave my soul to bring down THESE *********ING STUPID REWARDS THAT DONT WORK AND NO GAMEING SITE WILL GET RID OF THEM