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Wicked the musical, the show that has rocked since before Dorothy dropped in.
Favourite songs, opinions?
Or do you have a love for Fiyero like I do? heart sweatdrop
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Overally all the songs were great, so was the play. My favourite was either "I'm not that girl" or "Popular". "I'm not that girl" was a touching song but Popular was hilarious in its own way and catchy, a bit.

Sometimes the "pink"-people shouldn't change the greenies! gonk
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I love Wicked.

I read the book before I saw the musical, and I found that really disappointing. The plot had massive holes and, I don't know, I was just expecting so much and it failed so badly.
However, the musical did pretty much what I had been hoping for - all the plot holes were fixed nicely and the characters and events weren't so meaningless and under explained.

Also, the music is awesome. I regret that Nessa's song isn't on the CD though, considering the odds of Wicked coming to Australia again any time soon is pretty zero.

I do love the rest of the songs though, except Dear Old Shizz. Blah.
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I love Wicked. My favorite song is 'No Good Deed' or 'The Wizard and I'. And yes, I used to have a love for Fiyero. I moved my love to Jean Valjean. smile
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Having watched those performing Defying Gravity was simply amazing when Elphaba was defying gravity on stage. I loved it!
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The book was just strange, but the musical fixed most of the problems. And to be honest, I'd been passively listening to the recording so I didn't care for it as much until I saw it live; much more powerful then.
This.... whole.... soundtrack

I love "For Good" and "Defying Gravity"
but "Popular"
"What is This Feeling?"
"One Short Day"
and both of the "I'm Not that Girl" versions...

There aren't many songs on that soundtrack that I don't like.

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I only know popular but always wanted to see it.
I love Wicked so much!!!!!!! XD The whole soundtrack is amazing! It was seriously magical when Elphaba was defying gravity! Popular is just too funny! I LOVE THIS MUSICAL!
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It's currently playing in my city and I want to go so maybe I'll see if I can get a $25 student ticket before they sell out and move on.
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If the book and musical combined were one singular lady, I'd marry the hell out of Wicked. heart
I saw the show immediately after reading the book, so I was pretty disappointed in it. Now that I have some distance from the story, I really want to see it again. The only song that's stuck with me is Defying Gravity - it's so beautiful!
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Wicked is my favorite serious musical. (My favorite comedy is the Book of Mormon; I can't recommend it enough. xD) My favorite songs are probably.. "Defying Gravity" (typical) and "What Is This Feeling?" That said, I love most of the soundtrack. eue
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Loved the book, musical's a completely different animal though.

My friend and I used to sing "What is This Feeling" and "For Good" together :3

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