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my favourite song is love high singer : Suzy Miss A,Kim So Hyun,Taecyeon 2PM,and many other,OST Dream High xd heart xp
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Have any of you listened to the Soundtracks of the game Blazblue: Continuum Shift? They┬┤re awesome biggrin
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I was playing Final Fantasy: Dirge of Cerberus and there was this level where Vincent Valentine turned into Chaos, then this Japanese rock song came up and I'm like "Holy crap!! What's the name of this song?!" so I looked it up and it was called "Longing" by Gackt...then after I beat the game, another one entitled "Redemption" also by Gackt came on...so those were the two tracks that made me even more hooked to Dirge of Cerberus!. blaugh
Currently listening to the Smash soundtrack a lot, but my favorite by far would have to be Tron. Daft Punk knows how to create absolutely amazing music
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Totally heart the pop song We Are Young by Fun
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Song: Xion's theme
Favorite Singer: Tie between Utada Hikaru, Yoko Shimomura, and Masashi Hamauzu

Utada Hikaru for Sanctuary/Passion (Or the kh2 theme)
Yoko Shimomura for Simple and Clean (MANY, MANY, MANY different takes on this theme for kh)
Mashashi Hamauzu for her FFXIII songs.

Opening - Tozi wo Kizamu Uta by Lia, or the Clannad After Story opening, I believe it's called "A song to pass the time", but it is called by other titles.

Ending - Dango Daikazoku
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heart Home made Kazoku - no rain no rainbow, on the run, thank you, you'll be alright, freedom
Call Me Maybe
One of my favorite Broadway musical songs is Shadowland from The Lion King. It represents Nala's emotions when she decided to leave the Pride Lands to seek help. The African dialect vocals combined with the melody compels great emotion.
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my favor is black dynamite and foxybrown and Cleopatra Jones and blood and bone and more i can not write right about now as long is got a great beat into the son i going to enjoy it okay later bye
Well To Be Honest ;
My Favorite Rock Songs As In right Now Would Be Guitar Vs Piano & Please By Fixed ;
& My favorite classic piano song would be River Flows In You (:
My Favorite SongWriter / Singer Would Be Paula Deanda (:

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