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Because of the numerous favorite songs/singers/soundtracks/themes/etc threads popping up every day, it was decided to create a sticky specifically for these recurring topics.

In this sticky you can discuss...
- which songs/themes/OPs/EDs/singers/groups/bands/etc (whatever you can think of) are your favorites and why
- which songs you consider the most touching/sentimental/emotional/etc
- which songs/singers/soundtracks/etc. are your least favorite and why

If you change your mind about your favorite you can post again later. Just don't spam.

All current and future threads in the main forum and subforums asking about favorite songss or similar will be either locked, moved to Chatterbox, or trashed.
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this topic is pretty good i like this korien band called SNSD and there song: gee.i have a whole lot more but i decided that this was my favorite.
I love the ending theme of season 2 of Vampire Knight. I listen to it on YouTube all the time! heart
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uhmm.. imitation black by vocaloid
I was wondering around on youtube the other day.

SUBSCRIBE MisfitFlame on youtube!!! Newbie on Youtube, I found her and I say we should support her razz www.youtube.com/user/MisfitFlame

here's one of the videos LOVE THE SONG OMG heart
-Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
-Kryzler and Kompany
I would have to say i enjoy the Ergo Proxy soundtrack, preferably Opus 1! I think my favorite song off the album is...RE-L124c41+!! track 9 for those who know it!!!
My favorite anime soundtrack.

All the songs from the Hack series.
I love listening to them.
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Music: pop and r&b
Group: paramore
Singer: justin bieber, rhianna, amber lily, demi lovato and many more ( :
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name a music style and i like name a band if i dont know them i probable still like them name a song like it just watever i like them all
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My favorite song is mostlyall of the linkin park songs :/ why? because their aweosme!!! rofl mrgreen 4laugh biggrin 3nodding
FFVII AdventChildren soundtrack
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oh a thread about it? yay.

my all time favorite band would be Sigur Ros.... in my opinion, his music captures art in such a bizarre way, I'd say it's the most beautiful thing ever heart

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eminem ft. rihanna-i love the way you lie
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Favourite Composer: Yuki Kajiura, her soundtracks are EPIC.

Bands: I often only like one song from a band. Exceptions are Coldplay, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace and Good Charlotte.

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