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I'd have to say anything by Megumi Ozaki because of her soft slow voice and all the soundtracks that have been released for Serial Experiment Lain, especially the Cyberia album...
The music 2 .Hack it's so pretty 3nodding
i am a huge fan of the cowboy bebop and samurai x soundtrack. i loove tank and farewell blues! my other faves are 1/3 junjou na kanjou and change the world. and the opening to samurai pizza cats 3nodding

i like the music to shaman king and inuyasha too.
I like Zankoku No Tenshi No Teeze and Fukai Mori they get stuck in my headd alot. I like the Trigun opening theme... and the Hellsing opening theme.... but my fav would most likely be the opening theme to Nightwalker
Humm.... i'd have to say the soundtrack to FLCL and the soundtrack to Cowboy Bebop for the beat... but for just general enjoyability i'd go for Witch Hunter Robin, mostly due to the slower virsion of "Shell".
Well... hard to pick a favorite... and if i didint have to i'd end up posting up most of my Winamp playlist... but i'd go with The Seatbelts due to their work on the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack... and the Pillows for FLCL, and then for my game preferance i'd have to go with Nobuo, his work on the Final Fantasy series made the games a treat.
PenPals "Tell Me Why" from berserk
Mica Arisaka "Dis" from infinite ryvius(mugen no ryvius)
Asian Kung-fu Generation "Haruka Kanata" from naruto (2nd opening)
Sakamoto Maaya "Hemisphere" rahXephon
T.M.Revolution "INVOKE" gundam SEED
Nami Takami "Believe" gundam SEED
Nami Takami "Realize" gundam SEED
Yoko Kanno "Tank!" cowboy bebop
among many others

Asian Kung-fu Generation
the pillows
ayumi hamasaki
utada hikaru
Favorite singers... Ogata Megumi and Niiyama Shiho! (RIP ;- wink . Bands... Peach Hips and Hummingbird. ^-^ But, Niiyama Shiho more than the rest.
Hm...well there are a lot of songs I love since I'm usually open to any music anime/game/j-pop based ^^ My fav singers would be DEEN (my 1st J-pop I got hooked on) and TMRevolution (Fun fun it was watching his concert at the Otakon, getting his autograph on the new cd, and hugging him ^.^) lol
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YOu gotta love the do as infinity group for they make awesome music for anime shows.
Well lets see my faverit singer is Koda Kumi and the song by her that i like it Crazy 4 U
asian kung fu generation.
l'arc en ciel
the pillows
"LOVE TROPICANA" by sister MAYO for JUNGLE wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu, as well as the DELUXE theme is really good :3 I also love "Futari no Basho ~ A Place for the Two of Us" by Katakiri Rekka from "Kannagi no Tori". And anything by Toshihiko Seki-san, Souchirou Hoshi, or Neriki Ryosuke has my vote :333~
Oh, lord, now you've done it!

Favorite Songs

HEATS - Getter Robo Armageddon 2nd theme
STORM - Neo Getter vs. Shin Getter OAV theme
FIRE WARS - Mazinkaiser OAV theme
Mazinkaiser's Theme - Mazinkaiser OAV
Gate of Hell - Mazinkaiser: Shitou! Ankoku Daishogun movie theme
Mazin GO!, Ore Wa Great Mazinger, Tobe! Grendizer - Mazinger vs. Getter: Dynamic Songz OST
Soramimi Cake - Azumanga Daioh theme
SONIC DRIVE - Sonic X theme
Brave Heart - Digimon Adventure evolution theme
YOU GET TO BURNING - Martian Successor Nadesico theme

Favorite Band/Composer/etc.

JAM Project all the way, baby!
Singer:BoA, Utada, Ayu((i know its short....i dont wanna fill the whole page up like my room sweatdrop ))

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