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- Smiles that a Bomb- YYH ~English and Japanese v.~
- Wild Wind- YYH ~J~
- Opening theme- Sakura Wars
- Sayonara Bye Bye- YYH ~J&E~
- Unbalanced Kisses- YYH ~J&E~
- Washu's Lullaby- Tenchi ~E~
- Every Heart- IY and BoA ~E&J~
- Fukai Mori- IY ~J~
- My Will- IY ~J~
- Sayonara wa Iwanai- YYH and PERSON Z ~J~
- Dearest- IY and Ayumi Hamasaki ~J~
- Our Season- YYH ~J~
- Eye to Eye- YYH ~J~
- Yashashisa wa Nemurenai- YYH ~J~

- Almost all of BoA's songs
- First Love- Hikaru Utada
- Final Distance- Hikaru Utada
- Angel's song- Ayumi Hamasaki
- M- Ayumi Hamasaki
- True Blue- Zone
- Forever Dreamer- Megumi Hayashibara
- Paradise of Love- Megumi Ogata
this is a hard question..

ride on shooting star
the real folk blues
heart of sword
all ending and openings from dirty pair flash
fukai mori
all ending/opening from inuyasha
and a bunch others i can't remember
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I really like all the anime songs by Maaya Sakamoto ^_^ She's such a good singer. I especially like The Garden of Everything and Hemisphere.
My favorite singer is probably Maaya Sakamoto and my favorite compose is either Yoko Kanno or J.A. Seazer. As for my favorite soundtrack, it would have to be Utena, although Arjuna is a close second. The duel choruses are just TOO cool! ^^ Favorite song is a toughie...

List of various favorite songs:
Kindan no Pensée (Silent Mobius Opening)
Sobakasu (Rurouni Kenshin 1st Opening)
Catch You Catch Me (Cardcaptor Sakura 1st Opening)
Yoru no Uta (Cardcaptor Sakura insert song)
Rinbu Revolution (Revolutionary Girl Utena Opening)
Duelist ~ Yomigaere! Mukyuu no Rekishi 'Chuusei' yo (Utena movie duel chorus)
Tooi Kono Machi de (Cardcaptor Sakura 1st movie theme)
Ningyo Hime (Chobits 2nd ending)
Strength (X OVA ending)
Mezase Pokemon Master (1st Pokemon opening)
Duvet (Lain Opening)
Komm Susser Tod (End of Evangelion insert song)
Moonlight Densetsu (Sailor Moon opening first 4 series)
Moon Revenge (Sailor Moon R movie theme)
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Fukai Mori
Key of the Twilight
My Will
Heart of Sword Remix
Half Pain
a stray child
Easy Dawn

Do As Infinity
Songs : I'll Edit One Day If I remember..
-rythm emotion remix
- a lot of kenshin songs
- a lot of fushigi yuugi songs
- a lot of inuyasha songs

Artists : TWO MIX
I luv the music too Final Fantasy's
I especially like the FFX-2 "What can i do for u?" smile [/quote

me to i love the music too Final Fantasy biggrin
Fweet! whee WJ sticky... heart

Myco as Mitsuki from Full Moon wo Sagashite, best seiyuu singer...

Best OSTs are Full Moon, Fruits Basket and Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto.
Fweet! whee WJ sticky... heart

Myco as Mitsuki from Full Moon wo Sagashite, best seiyuu singer...

Best OSTs are Full Moon, Fruits Basket and Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto.

OMG I love myco too. I looooved Full Moon because of the music. heart

Uhm, I also like Escaflowne and Inuyasha's music.
utada hikaru
I personally love the .Hack//Sign OST most of all. Then again, I must say I have not heard them all.

The FLCL, or Furri Curri, OST was pretty good, not that I could understand a word of their "drama" tracks... sweatdrop
Evangelion - Komm Susser Todd
Evangelion - Childhood Memories, Shut Away
Evangelion - The Heady Feeling of Freedom
.hack//SIGN - Key of the Twilight

Utada Hikaru
I love obsession in .hack//sign
i love so many anime songs! ill list them! (they're in no particular order)

*sleepless beauty-gravitation
*rage beat-gravitation
*lain opening theme-serial experiments lain
*gentle twilight-.hack//Sign
*all the inu-yasha themes and ending themes
*for real-saiyuki
*still time-saiyuki
*copelia's coffin-noir opening theme
*for fruits basket-fruits basket
*a small prayer-fruits basket
*samurai x ova soundtrack
*heart of sword-ruronui kenshin
*wild drive-yu-gi-oh
*lier you lie-noir
*salva nos-noir
*super drive-gravitation
*utada hikaru- kingdom hearts
*cyborg 009 ending theme-cyborg 009 (i HATE the show with a passion, but i like this song)
*canta per me-noir
*be my angel-angelic layer
*the starry sky-angelic layer
*angel sanctuary ending theme song
umm... i know theres more... but i forget already........ i think i have a short term memory loss sweatdrop

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