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I also happen to love the English version of the Tenchi GXP opening.

Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! gonk
almost all the gundam songs of two mix xd
my favorite songs from anime would have to be the ones from Noir and .hack//sign, my abselute favortie is Canta Per me. my favorite singer is either Yuki Kajiura or Mayaa Sakamoto.
Every Little Thing
The Pillows
Namie Amuro
Aikawa Nanase
Ayumi Hamasaki

Four Seasons
Yura Yura
Ai no Uta
No More Words
Owari Nai Yume

all of them are really good
(and a whole lot mor but that's all I could remember right now sweatdrop )
TWO MIX is my favourite Japanese singing group i like Gackt as well... o and Seki Seki Toshihiko yup yup indeed
i like freckles off kenshin
Well, I've never seen the anime, although I plan on trying to, but I love the 2nd Opening theme to Full Metal Alchemist, Ready Steady Go by L'Arc~en~Ciel. whee Love the music from Eva, X, Cowboy Bebop, and Hellsing.
anything on the cowboy bebop soundtracks
it all roxers the boxers
All things maaya sakamoto [escaflowne]
All things by the pillows [FLCL]
and anything from the soundtrack of outlawstar <3

heart of sword from kenshin is pretty catchy too!
not to mention most of the music for X <--- heart
Yay! Early on in a sticky! 3nodding

Favourite series as far as music goes:

Angelique: Lots and lots of character songs, all by well known voice actors. 3nodding My favourite is "Mugen no Yoru ni Kagi o Kakete".

Fushigi no Umi no Nadia/Secret of Blue Water: Opening and ending themes ("Blue Water" and "Yes, I Will" wink introduced me to the lovely voice of Miho Morikawa. Instrumental tracks are well orchestrated. "Koibito ga Iru Jikan" by Satomi Matsushita is adorable as well.

Highschool Kimengumi: Soundtrack provided by 80s Jpop group Onyanko Club (the predecessor to Morning Musume, a mega-group) subgroups, some of my favourites are "Ushiroyubi Sasaregumi", "Ushirogami Hikaretai", and "Anata wo Shiritai". 3nodding
xd Dir En Grey! Sexy Drag Queen Japanese Rockers, thats all I need to say.
As far as purely anime music goes, Yokko Kanno. THe openeing and endings to Wolf's Rain are incredible.
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My favorite song from an Anime would have to be Hello Wake Up Angel from Pita Ten! It's so cute lol
i love heart
well i don't have a favorite singer!!!1 sweatdrop

but i love this song in spanish well actually i love alot of songs

i don't have a favorite one
actually i don't have a favorite anything
how sad crying
but that's life
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All of the Cowboy Bebop OSTs rule!
Sentimental Graffiti has a few nice songs too ^^
Anything Yoko Kanno rocks, Cowboy Bebop really helped there.

Cowboy Bebop OST1 or Blue (OST3) would be my fave

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