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i love the eatman ost
Lodoss ost and RahXephon ost Maaya Sakamoto Kiseki no Umi and Hemisphere respectively.

I also enjoy the .hack and Noir osts
Dunno, between Blue gender's and Inuyasha's
I like the theme song to Ceres. I have found the sheet music and my friend plays it on the piano all the time. I think that the person sining it has a good voice too.
i love all kinds of anime songs.......as long as they sound really good.....i'm not a really picky person...... heart
Well im new but i hope u ppl can be my friends for 200 gold!

sorry but anyway back on the subject

i dont know who sing them but i love the gundam wing songs and the inuyasha and dont forget the fushigi yuugi!



gaia looks really fun
One Piece OSTs rule all! I've loved their songs forever!....Forever, meaning since grade six. sweatdrop Anyways, .hack//SIGN is pretty good too. 3nodding
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Favorite Anime Singer: Sakamoto Maaya
Favorite OST(s): Chikyuu Shoujyo Arjuna (at the moment at least lol)
Favorite Anime Opening: "Hemisphere" RahXephon
Favorite Anime Ending: "Sayonara Solitaire" Chrno Crusade/"Come" Inuyasha
Favorite OSTs: Trigun and FLCL
Favorite Opening Song: Tenshi no Yubikiri from KareKano
Favorite Ending Song: Menchi's Song from Excel Saga
The best Singer is definitaley Utada Hikaru! She rules! And, she translates most of her songs! She's really amazing! biggrin
here's my fave list:

Composer: Yoko Kanno
Singer/Group: A fight between Do As Infinity and the Pillows
Song: Cruel Angle Thesis - Evangelion
OST: Probably Naruto OST #2
Favorite OSTs: hack sign and hellsing scream
Favorite Opening Song:hack sign biggrin
Favorite Ending Song: Menchi's Song from Excel Saga(its so cute heart )
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Ohh dear..A bit too many to decide upon..But I suppose..

Inuyasha: My Will, Fukai Mori, Every Heart
Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X: Yoakemae, Dame, It's Gonna Rain, Ice Blue Eyes
Digimon: Egao
Cowboy Bebop: The Real Folk Blues
Gundam Wing: Just Communication, White Reflection
Shaman King: Trust You, Northern Lights, Silent Weapon, Omokage, Brave Heart (wow there's a lot for that one..)
Slayers: Midnight Blue
Full Metal Alchemist and Saiyuki rock! Wolf's Rain is good too. Some of the Gundam Wing songs are great, and um.... random other songs mixed in the bunch!
Favorite anime song has to be GO!!! by flow ( in naruto ) Such an addictive song x_x

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