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Soundtrack is good. The Theme song for Assassins Creed 3 is so good.
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Alice: Madness Returns is epic
Resident Evil Music.
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I have to say Journey has the best score ever.
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I'll just quote myself from the other game music thread

"Tales of Legendia has an awesome OST.

Try to get this song out of your head. >_>

Other good OST's
Lunar SSSC and 2EBC
Persona 4
Shadow of the Colossus
The Last Story
Ni no Kuni
Other obvious choises Zelda, FF, Sonic, Megaman/Rockman, Tales of, et cetera
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Black tongues speak faster than the car can crash...

I really, really, really love the music from Ar tonelico and Ciel nosurge.

...You supply the rumors, and I'll provide the wrath
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I gotta say, right now I'm totally addicted to "Still Alive" from Portal. Even though it's kinda old at this point. But it's a great song.
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Silent Hill 1. Love the mandolin and all the crackles and pops.
The Legend of Zelda. Specifically Gerudo Valley
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Dissidia & Dissidia 012: "Chaos: Last Battle 3." Dat guitar eek
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Silent Hill 4 and Kingdom Hearts.
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Basing this off of the fact that I like the majority of the songs on soundtrack (regardless of the fact that I have not played 2 of these games):

Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy XII
World of WarCraft: Mist of Pandaria
Mass Effect 3
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Space Marine
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I love Persona 4's soundtrack!
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The Super Robot Wars series have awesome music... too bad it's Japan only...
The soundtrack of Journey on ps3 ans Silent hill 2 on ps2

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