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I love the music from Tangled! There's some really catchy songs in there and the background music is so lovely!

What does everyone think of the music?
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It's cute, I would love to listen or watch the movie again. smile
I adore it smile I love watching that movie over and over again.. :') It doesn't get old for me whee
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It a fun soundtrack
LOVE IT!!!!!!!! biggrin
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Something that I want is my favourite song.
Great soundtrack
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My younger sister watches the movie over and over again, and I can't say I blame her. I wish more musicals were coming out like this. I miss the lighter side of animated/cartoony musicals.
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I love that movie <3
I also love the soundtrack Kingdom Dance ^^
Very fun, and one of the most memorable Disney soundtracks in recent years.
I really like it! Definitely one of the better Disney soundtracks in a while.
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The movie was perfect and same goes to the soundtrack.

It's cute. :3 And at last I see the light!
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As much as I hated that movie and all of its characters except the horse, I've gotta say that "Mother Knows Best" was catchy.
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I heart Tangled!! I love everything about the story, music, characters, ect. I have a poster of it in my bedroom...and I'm 20...
I would sell my soul to keep that movie and its soundtrack alive. I love it so much that I actually bought the soundtrack on iTunes. It actually came with the instrumentals like Kingdom Dance/Celebration, A Horse With No Rider, etc. It is possibly the best Disney movie I have ever seen. If the older Disney movies didn't have nostalgia, it would definitely trump. whee

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