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I just want to hear peoples opinions on Tim Burton's musical.

i love all his movies my fav is The Nightmare Before Christmas and sweeny todd made me laugh lol idk why it just did u could tell the blood was tomato juice
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NO. It is not TIM BURTON'S musical, it is Stephen Sondheim's. Tim Burton just did a film adaptation of it. I've loved Tim Burton and his crazy nest that he calls hair since I was a little girl, but this is NOT a Tim Burton musical.

/end rant.

That said, I rather enjoyed it. Despite not being singers by profession, they all managed sing the roles very well, and I was very satisfied with Burton's vision of the scenery and costumes. Depp wasn't as... powerful as I'd expected, but he did well enough and was effectively creepy, even if he did rely on the 'batman growl' a little too much.

As for Helena Bonham Carter.... I have mixed feelings. She brought a different interpretation of Mrs. Lovett to the table, but after seeing her in a few other things I can't help but wonder if she just plays the same type of sympathetic yet coarse waif every time. What I hate even more are the people who saw the film and think 'oh, Mrs. Lovett is a beautiful character and you have to have a beautiful voice to sing the role!' because hell no she isn't. She's a despicable character and you're supposed to feel sort of happy and guilty that you feel happy when he throws her into the oven.

Toby as a child was interesting, and it sort of worked until they autotuned him in 'not while I'm around.' If that wasn't autotuning... then that one part was just vocally awkward.

I LOVED Allan Rickman as the judge. That was just... heart I wish they'd kept the judge's solo in, although I imagine Rickman would have never gotten a job again.
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With regards to the film adaptation, the singing was subpar (if I'm remembering right from my one and single viewing of it when it premiered, Anthony was the only halfway decent voice in the cast) and the acting was... an interesting interpretation, of which I wasn't a fan. The film definitely suffered from the lack of greek chorus and the cinematography itself lacked impact due to same-y shots and boring sets and costuming.

I will say that the only bit I enjoyed was By the Sea, which was possibly the only clever and funny sequence in the whole thing.

Kabbalah monster save us from bad film adaptations of musicals. Give me my OBC with Angela Lansbury any day.
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Tim Burton makes the best films, and Sweeney Todd is one of my favourite musicals. I know almost every song. ALMOST.
i saw it it was good
the sad thing was the day i saw it we had meet pies for dinner

i could not eat it do to the movie so i made a PPJ
I am one of Tim Burton's biggest fans. I love all of his work. His rendition of Sweeney Todd was far better in my opinion than the original. The cast was truly great... i even loved Sasha Baron Cohen as Pirelli. razz
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I adore Burton's soundtrack, knowing every song by heart.
I have no heard the original though so I do not have that as a point of reference.
I loved it!
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I just want to hear peoples opinions on Tim Burton's musical.

Loved the musical. It was a great adaptation of Sondheim's original work. And Sondheim wrote the musical, not Tim Burton. I like that it made it more well known, but the singing could have been a lot better, even if the acting was great. Alan Rickman's portrayal of Turpin was my favorite thing about it by far.

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