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At the End of the Day from Les Miserables:

At the end of the day you're another day older
And that's all you can say for the life of the poor
It's a struggle, it's a war
And there's nothing that anyone's giving
One more day standing about, what is it for?
One day less to be living.

At the end of the day you're another day colder
And the shirt on your back doesn't keep out the chill
And the righteous hurry past
They don't hear the little ones crying
And the winter is coming on fast, ready to kill
One day nearer to dying!

At the end of the day there's another day dawning
And the sun in the morning is waiting to rise
Like the waves crash on the sand
Like a storm that'll break any second
There's a hunger in the land
There's a reckoning still to be reckoned and
There's gonna be hell to pay
At the end of the day!

[The foreman and workers, including Fantine, emerge from the factory]

At the end of the day you get nothing for nothing
Sitting flat on your butt doesn't buy any bread

There are children back at home

And the children have got to be fed

And you're lucky to be in a job

And in a bed!

And we're counting our blessings!

Have you seen how the foreman is fuming today?
With his terrible breath and his wandering hands?

It's because little Fantine won't give him his way

Take a look at his trousers, you'll see where he stands!

And the boss, he never knows
That the foreman is always in heat

If Fantine doesn't look out
Watch how she goes
She'll be out on the street!

At the end of the day it's another day over
With enough in your pocket to last for a week
Pay the landlord, pay the shop
Keep on grafting as long as you're able
Keep on grafting till you drop
Or it's back to the crumbs off the table
You've got to pay your way
At the end of the day!

[GIRL (Grabbing a letter from Fantine)]
And what have we here, little innocent sister?
Come on Fantine, let's have all the news!

[Reading the letter]

Ooh..."Dear Fantine you must send us more money...
Your child needs a doctor...
There's no time to lose..."

Give that letter to me
It is none of your business
With a husband at home
And a bit on the side!
Is there anyone here
Who can swear before God
She has nothing to fear?
She has nothing to hide?

[They fight over the letter. Valjean (M. Madeleine) rushes on to break up the squabble.]

Will someone tear these two apart
What is this fighting all about?
This is a factory, not a circus!
Now, come on ladies, settle down
I run a business of repute
I am the Mayor of this town

[To the foreman]
I look to you to sort this out
And be as patient as you can-

[He goes back into the factory]

Now someone say how this began!

At the end of the day
She's the one who began it!
There's a kid that she's hiding
In some little town
There's a man she has to pay
You can guess how she picks up the extra
You can bet she's earning her keep
Sleeping around
And the boss wouldn't like it!

Yes it's true there's a child
And the child is my daughter
And her father abandoned us
Leaving us flat
Now she lives with an innkeeper man
And his wife
And I pay for the child
What's the matter with that?

At the end of the day
She'll be nothing but trouble
And there's trouble for all
When there's trouble for one!
While we're earning our daily bread
She's the one with her hands in the butter
You must send the slut away
Or we're all gonna end in the gutter
And it's us who'll have to pay
At the end of the day!

I might have known the b***h could bite
I might have known the cat had claws
I might have guessed your little secret
Ah yes, the virtuous Fantine
Who keeps herself so pure and clean
You'd be the cause I had no doubt
Of any trouble hereabout
You play a virgin in the light
But need no urgin' in the night.

She's been laughing at you
While she's having her men

She'll be nothing but trouble again and again

You must sack her today

Sack the girl today!

Right my girl. On your way!
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Repo: The Genetic Opera - Repo Man (Intro) lyrics :3

Industrialization has crippled the globe.

Enjoy GeneCo's day and nighttime formulas of Zydrate

Nature failed as technology spread.

Ask a Gentern if Zydrate is right for you

And in it's wake, a market erected.

Buying Zydrate from an unliscenced source is illegal

An entire city built on top of the dead!

And you can finance your bones and your kidneys.
For every market a submarket grows.
But best you be punctual with making your payments
Lest it be you on the concrete below~

It's quick, it's clean, and it's pure.
It could change your life, rest assured.
It's the 21st Century Cure!
And it's my job, to steal and rob...

So why care for these petty obsessions?
Your designer heart still beats with common blood!
And what if you could have genetic perfection,
Would you change who you are, if you could?
'Cause it's quick, it's clean, and it's pure! (All you really need is)
It could change your life, rest assured. (All you got to have is)
It's the 21st Century Cure! (All you need is surgery! )
And it's my job, to steal and rob...
Still Hurting from The Last Five Years

Jamie is over and Jamie is gone.
Jamie's decided it's time to move on.
Jamie has new dreams he's building upon,
And I'm still hurting.

Jamie arrived at the end of the line.
Jamie's convinced that the problems are mine.
Jamie is probably feeling just fine,
And I'm still hurting.

What about lies, Jamie?
What about things that you swore to be true?
What about you, Jamie?
What about you?

Jamie is sure something wonderful died.
Jamie decides it's his right to decide.
Jamie has secrets he doesn't confide,
And I'm still hurting.

Go and hide and run away!
Run away,
Run and find something better!
Go and ride the sun away!
Run away, like it's simple,
Like it's right...

Give me a day, Jamie!
Bring back the lies,
Hang them back on the wall!
Maybe I'd see
How you could be
So certain that we
Had no chance at all.

Jamie is over and where can I turn?
Covered with scars I did nothing to earn?
Maybe there's somewhere a lesson to learn,
But that wouldn't change the fact,
That wouldn't speed the time,
Once the foundation's cracked
And I'm
Still Hurting.
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"Wait" from Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (based on the soundtrack from the 2007 movie)

(spoken) It's not much of a chair, but it'll do... 'Twas my poor Albert's chair; sit in it all day long he did, when his leg gave out with gout...

(spoken) Why doesn't the Beadle come? Before the week is out, that's what he said!

(spoken) Who says the week is out? It's only Tuesday

Easy now
Hush, love, hush
Don't distress yourself
What's your rush?
Keep your thoughts
Nice and lush

Hush, love, hush
Think it through
Once it bubbles
Then what's to do?
Watch it close
Let it brew

I've been thinking flowers
Maybe daisies
To brighten up the room

Don't you think some flowers
Pretty daisies
Might relieve the gloom?

Oh, wait...
Love, wait.

(spoken) And the Judge, when will we get to him?

(spoken) Can't you think of nothing else? Always brooding away on your wrongs from heaven knows how many years ago...

Slow, love, slow
Time's so fast
Now goes quickly
See, now it's past
Soon will come
Soon will last

Don't you know
Silly man
Half the fun is to
Plan the plan?
All good things
Come to those who can

Gillyflowers, maybe
'Stead of daisies
I don't know, though
What do you think?
"Angel of Music" from Phantom of the Opera

bravi, bravi, bravissimi!

where in the world
have you been hiding?
really - you were perfect
i only wish
i knew your secret
who is this new

father once spoke of an angel
i used to dream he'd appear
now as i sing i can sense him
and I know he's here

here in this room he calls me softly
somewhere inside, hiding
somehow i know he's always with me
he, the unseen genius

christine, you must have been dreaming
stories like this can't come true
Christine, you're talking in riddles
and it's not like you

angel of music, guide and guardian
grant to me your glory

Who is this angel?

angel of music, hide no longer
secret and strange angel

he's with me even now

your hands are cold

all around me

your face, christine, it's white

it frightens me

don't be frightened
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Seize The Day from Newsies heart heart heart

David: Open the gates and seize the day
Don't be afraid and don't delay
Nothing can break us
No one can make us
Give our rights away
Arise and seize the day
David and Newsies: Now is the time to seize the day (2x)
Send out the call and join the fray (2x)
David: Wrongs will be righted
If we're united
David and Newsies: Let us seize the day

David and Newsies: Friends of the friendless, seize the day (2x)
Raise up the torch and light the way (2x)
Proud and defiant
We'll slay the giant
Let us seize the day
Neighbor to neighbor
Father to son
One for all and all for one

David and Newsies: Open the gates seize the day (2x)
Don't be afraid and don't delay (2x)
Nothing can break us
No one can make us
Give our rights away
Neighbor to neighbor
Father to son
One for all and all for one!
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Can You Feel the Love Tonight?: The Lion King

I can see what's happening
And they don't have a clue
They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line
Our trio's down to two.
[In a sarcastic mock-French accent]
Ze sweet caress of twilight
[Back to normal, but still sarcastic]
There's magic everywhere
And with all this romantic atmosphere
Disaster's in the air
Can you feel the love tonight?
The peace the evening brings
The world, for once, in perfect harmony
With all its living things
So many things to tell her
But how to make her see
The truth about my past? Impossible!
She'd turn away from me
He's holding back, he's hiding
But what, I can't decide
Why won't he be the king I know he is
The king I see inside?
Can you feel the love tonight?
The peace the evening brings
The world, for once, in perfect harmony
With all its living things
Can you feel the love tonight?
You needn't look too far
Stealing through the night's uncertainties
Love is where they are
And if he falls in love tonight
It can be assumed
His carefree days with us are history
[Timon and Pumbaa:]
In short, our pal is doomed
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Les Mis: this song kind of makes my life...just saying...

"do you hear the people sing?
lost in the valley of the night
it is the music of a people who are climbing to the light
for the wretched of the earth
there is a flame that never dies
even the darkest nights will end and the sun will rise

they will live again in freedom in the garden of the lord
they will walk behind the plough share
they will put away the sword
the chain will be broken and all men will have their reward!

will you join in our crusade?
who will be strong and stand with me?
somewhere beyond the barricade is there a world you long to see?
do you hear the people sing?
say, do you hear the distant drums?
it is the future that they bring when tomorrow comes!"

one word...win.
When You Got, Flaunt It, from The Producers

Ven you got it, flaunt it
Step right up and strut your stuff
People tell you modesty's a wirtue
But in the theatre modesty can hurt you
Ven you got it, flaunt it
Show your assets, let them know you're proud
Your goodies you must push
Stick out your chest, shake your tush
Ven you got it, shout it out loud
Now Ulla dance.
Ven you got it, show it
Put your hidden treasures on display
Violinists love to play an E-string
But audiences really love a G-string
Ven you got it, should it!
Let the whole vorld hear vat you're about
Clothes may make the man
All a girl needs is a tan
Ven you got it, let it hang out!
Remember ven Ulla dance?


Ulla dance again!
Ven I was yust a little girl in Sveden
My thoughtful mother gave me this advice
If nature blesses you from top to bottom
Show that top to bottom, don't think twice
Now Ulla belt!
Don't think twice!
Ven you got it, share it
Let the public feast upon your charms
People say that being prim is proper
But ev'ry showgirl knows that prim will stop her
If you got it, give it
Don't be selfish, give it all a-vay
Don't be shy, be bold 'n' cute
Show the boys your birthday suit
Ven you got it, if you got it
Once you got it, shout out hooray!
ehh...what of what exactly?
baby got bac sir mix alot

i like big butts
The Flesh Failures, from Hair

We starve-look
At one another
Short of breath
Walking proudly in our winter coats
Wearing smells from laboratories
Facing a dying nation
Of moving paper fantasy
Listening for the new told lies
With supreme visions of lonely tunes

Inside something there is a rush of
Who knows what stands in front of
Our lives
I fashion my future on films in space
Tells me secretly

Manchester England England
Manchester England England
(Eyes look your last)
Across the Atlantic Sea
(Arms take your last embrace)
And I'm a genius genius
(And lips oh you the doors of breath)
I believe in God
(Seal with a righteous kiss)
And I believe that God believes in Claude
(Seal with a righteous kiss)
That's me,
(The rest is silence)
that's me
(The rest is silence)
that's me
(The rest is silence)

Sheila and the Tribe:
We starve-look
At one another
Short of breath
Walking proudly in our winter coats
Wearing smells from laboratories
Facing a dying nation
Of moving paper fantasy
Listening for the new told lies
With supreme visions of lonely tunes

Our space songs on a spider web sitar
Life is around you and in you
Answer for Timothy Leary, dearie
A Little Priest- Sweeney Todd <3

Seems a downright shame...
TODD: Shame?
Seems an awful waste...
Such a nice, plump frame
Wot's 'is name has...
Nor it can't be traced...
Bus'ness needs a lift,
Debts to be erased...
Think of it as thrift,
As a gift,
If you get my drift!


Seems an awful waste...
I mean, with the price of meat
What it is,
When you get it,
If you get it...

Good, you got it!

Take, for instance, Mrs. Mooney and her pie shop!
Bus'ness never better using only pussycats and toast!
And a p***y's good for maybe six or seven at the most!
And I'm sure they can't compare as far as taste!


Mrs. Lovett, what a charming notion
Well, it does seem a waste...

Eminently practical
And yet appropriate as always!
It's an idea...

Mrs. Lovett, how I've lived
Without you all these years, I'll never know!
How delectable!
Also undetectable!
Think about it!
Lots of other gentlemen'll
Soon be comin' for a shave,
Won't they?
Think of
All them

How choice!


For what's the sound of the world out there?
What, Mr. Todd?
What, Mr. Todd?
What is that sound?
Those crunching noises pervading the air!
Yes, Mr. Todd!
Yes, Mr. Todd!
Yes, all around!
It's man devouring man, my dear!
And [LOVETT: Then] who are we to deny it in here?

TODD: (spoken) These are desperate times,
Mrs. Lovett, and desperate measures are called for!
LOVETT: Here we are, now! Hot out of the oven!
TODD: What is that?

It's priest. Have a little priest.
Is it really good?
Sir, it's too good, at least!
Then again, they don't commit sins of the flesh,
So it's pretty fresh.
Awful lot of fat.
Only where it sat.
Haven't you got poet, or something like that?
No, y'see, the trouble with poet is
'Ow do you know it's deceased?
Try the priest!

TODD: (spoken) Heavenly!
Not as hearty as bishop, perhaps,
but then again, not as bland as curate, either!

And good for business, too -- always leaves you wantin' more!
Trouble is, we only get it on Sundays!

Lawyer's rather nice.
If it's for a price.
Order something else, though, to follow,
Since no one should swallow it twice!
Anything that's lean.
Well, then, if you're British and loyal,
You might enjoy Royal Marine!
Anyway, it's clean.
Though of course, it tastes of wherever it's been!
Is that squire,
On the fire?
Mercy no, sir, look closer,
You'll notice it's grocer!
Looks thicker,
More like vicar!
No, it has to be grocer --
It's green!

The history of the world, my love --
Save a lot of graves,
Do a lot of relatives favors!
Is those below serving those up above!
Ev'rybody shaves,
So there should be plenty of flavors!
How gratifying for once to know
That those above will serve those down below!

LOVETT: (spoken) Now let's see, here... We've got tinker.
TODD: Something... pinker.
LOVETT: Tailor?
TODD: Paler.
LOVETT: Butler?
TODD: Subtler.
LOVETT: Potter?
TODD: Hotter.
LOVETT: Locksmith?

Lovely bit of clerk.
Maybe for a lark.
Then again there's sweep
If you want it cheap
And you like it dark!
Try the financier,
Peak of his career!
That looks pretty rank.
Well, he drank,
It's a bank
Never really sold.
Maybe it was old.
Have you any Beadle?
Next week, so I'm told!
Beadle isn't bad till you smell it and
Notice 'ow well it's been greased...
Stick to priest!

(spoken) Now then, this might be a little bit stringy,
but then of course it's... fiddle player!
TODD: No, this isn't fiddle player -- it's piccolo player!
LOVETT: 'Ow can you tell?
TODD: It's piping hot!
LOVETT: Then blow on it first!

The history of the world, my sweet --
Oh, Mr. Todd,
Ooh, Mr. Todd,
What does it tell?
Is who gets eaten, and who gets to eat!
And, Mr. Todd,
Too, Mr. Todd,
Who gets to sell!
But fortunately, it's also clear
That [L: But] ev'rybody goes down well with beer!

LOVETT: (spoken)
Since marine doesn't appeal to you, 'ow about... rear admiral?
TODD: Too salty. I prefer general.
LOVETT: With, or without his privates? "With" is extra.

TODD: What is that?
It's fop.
Finest in the shop.
And we have some shepherd's pie peppered
With actual shepherd on top!
And I've just begun --
Here's the politician, so oily
It's served with a doily,
Have one!
Put it on a bun.
Well, you never know if it's going to run!
Try the friar,
Fried, it's drier!
No, the clergy is really
Too coarse and too mealy!
Then actor,
That's compacter!
Yes, and always arrives overdone!
I'll come again when you have JUDGE on the menu!

LOVETT: (spoken) Wait! True, we don't have judge yet,
but we've got something you might fancy even better.
TODD: What's that?
LOVETT: Executioner!

Have charity towards the world, my pet!
Yes, yes, I know, my love!
We'll take the customers that we can get!
High-born and low, my love!
We'll not discriminate great from small!
No, we'll serve anyone,
Meaning anyone,
And to anyone
At all!
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3nodding Mine is Anything you can do I can do better 3nodding

Anything you can do,
I can do better.
I can do anything
Better than you.

No, you can't.
Yes, I can. No, you can't.
Yes, I can. No, you can't.
Yes, I can,
Yes, I can!

Anything you can be
I can be greater.
Sooner or later,
I'm greater than you.

No, you're not. Yes, I am.
No, you're not. Yes, I am.
No, you're NOT!. Yes, I am.
Yes, I am!

I can shoot a partridge
With a single cartridge.
I can get a sparrow
With a bow and arrow.
I can live on bread and cheese.
And only on that?
So can a rat!
Any note you can reach
I can go higher.
I can sing anything
Higher than you.
No, you can't. (High)
Yes, I can. (Higher) No, you can't. (Higher)
Yes, I can. (Higher) No, you can't. (Higher)
Yes, I can. (Higher) No, you can't. (Higher)
Yes, I can. (Higher) No, you can't. (Higher)
Yes, I
CAN! (Highest)
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Mama Who Bore Me from Spring Awakening heart

Mama who bore me
Mama who gave me
No way to handle things
Who made me so sad

Mama the weeping
Mama the angels
No sleep in heaven, or bethlehem

Some pray that one day
Christ will come a-calling
They light a candle
And hope that it glows
And some just lie there crying
For him to come and find them
But when he comes they dont know how to go

Mama who bore me
Mama who gave me
No way to handle things
Who made me so bad

Mama the weeping
Mama the angels
No sleep in heaven
Or bethlehem

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