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I am currently listening to and am hooked on the soundtrack.

What do you guys think of it? if you've listened to it.
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The music is catchy, the plot is horrible. And the lyrics are incredibly cliche.
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It is NOTHING like the Phantom of the Opera but It has its own beauty (underneath). I think most of the music is good. My personal favorite is Beneath a Moonless Sky. I though the tune was lovely and I new it was about looking back on a time when they loved each other. Then I listened to the words: apparently they were talking about that night creating a son, Gustave. It is still a lovely show. I disagree in someways, but I love it too.
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Ramin Karimloo has a sexy voice. That hooks me. Then it turns into a fanfic gone bad, there's a kid, and Meg shoots Christine. At which point I choose to ignore that ALW ever allowed this to happen.
There's been some recent changes to the show so now the plot makes a little more sense. The Phantom's now darker and more like the original, instead of the softer and gentler one as heard in the soundtracks. I've watched the show 3 times so I should know.
The theme of beauty underneath is very prominent, and I think it's deeper than the original Phantom. I LOVE it personally, and my favourite's Til I Hear You Sing, Beneath A Moonless Sky and Beauty Underneath. Devil Take The Hindmost (Quartet) is quite catchy as well.
I love Love Never Dies! In my opinion it is the perfect way to finish the story heart
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I don't actually know the plot. xP I decided not to look it up, so I'm waiting to see it before I know what happens. Got the soundtrack, though.

I can't listen to Devil Take the Hindmost. It never gets out of my head if I do. Love The Beauty Underneath, though. <3 So awesome~
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The music is catchy, the plot is horrible. And the lyrics are incredibly cliche.

I absolutely LOVE Phantom, but I'v eonly heard criticism of the sequel. If LND were playing in an area I'm traveling to in the near future, would any of you recommend I see it?
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Saw it last year and it was amazing heart
It's definitely one of my favourite musicals.
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Love Never Dies is INCREDIBLE!
Beautifully staged, great music.
The lyrics are cliche in some places on the Soundtrack, but since Webber reworked the show it runs very smoothly and the lyrics have been changed. I hope they release an updated soundtrack with the new lyrics at some point, but that is unlikely.

Ramin Korimloo is a fantastic Phantom. and when I saw it on stage Celia Graham was Christine, and she was even better than Sierra Boggess (Soundtrack Christine).

Beneath a Moonless Sky, Devil Takes the Hindmost and The Beauty Underneath are all incredible songs, and Beneath a Moonless Sky gave me goosebumps when I saw it. <3

If you ever get a chance to see it, GO SEE IT!
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I've had the soundtrack since June and I didn't like a lot of it (only thought The Beauty Underneath & Devil Takes the Hindmost were any good) but after seeing the show yesterday, I feel it's A LOT BETTER. I also hope they do a reworked version of the soundtrack because then it would just be less confusing but I love it either way heart Despite the changes.
I love Love Never Dies. Personally I think it's better than Phantom of the Opera. The songs are awesome. I like more songs from Love Never Dies than Phantom of the Opera and its a great way to finish the story off. rofl
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I love the song Love Never Dies.
I can't really tell do I love POTO or LND more they're both just amazing!
But does anyone agree with me that they should make a movie version of Love Never Dies? Yes?

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