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I hope this works.

I got a lot of catchy video game music.

This is from Mario Tennis N64.

This Little Gem is from Sonic: The Fighters (Sonic Championship)

This one is from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. (DS)

Finally this is from Kirby 64: The Cyrstal Shards. (N64)

I have lots more but I'll post them later.
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MEGAMANX: Corrupted - Hurricane Hoatzin ( Who??oo' )

<333 =DDD
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Nostalgic rather than "Catchy", but I still hear this song at random points in my life (and I still love it) ^^
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Here's another catchy soundtrack from Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.

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Owh! Rhythm Heaven Fever/Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise soundtracks are awesome!

Lonely Storm - Karate Joe minigame

Tonight by Tsunku (Remix 3)

I Love You, My One and Only by Tsunku ( Remix 8 )

It's an amazing game, although you only press the A button or A and B at the same time.
Sometimes it's a bit frustrating when you keep missing the beats...

*I hope this works*
mario! smile
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The Ar tonelico series has the best music I've ever heard in any video game.
As far as catchy goes, these are the ones that end up stuck in my head the most.
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gaia_angelleft gaia_crown gaia_angelright

Metal Mario Theme from SSB64. The "th-kon!" of Metal Mario's feet adds to the catchy tune =w=
The ORIGINAL Zelda overworld theme.
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Here's an orchestrated soundtrack of Cynthia's battle music from Pokemon: Black & White. I hope y'all like it. smile

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Tales of Legendia has an awesome OST.

Try to get this song out of your head. >_>

Other good OST's
Lunar SSSC and 2EBC
Persona 4
Shadow of the Colossus
The Last Story
Ni no Kuni
Other obvious choises Zelda, FF, Sonic, Megaman/Rockman, Tales of, et cetera

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