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Sonic games always seem to have some of the best music xD I know a lot of people may not like it... but i find it all catchy! blaugh
yes I do too
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You can't not love Assassin's Creed's soundtracks.. No matter what kind of music you listen to.
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Here's a catchy soundtrack from Sonic Rush. The character you see in this video is Blaze, and this is her music theme, Vela-Nova.

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Here's another catchy song from my Youtube playlist. This hip-hop music beat is from Sonic 3, I hope you enjoy it.

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Zombies Ate My Neighbors OST

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Oh man.. I gotta post here. *Is a huge video game OST fanatic*

I'm surprised "godsibb" was never mentioned, from Xenosaga. It just sounds amazing!

The OST for "The Last Story" is just... It's Nobuo Uematsu. That should explain it all.
Here's the theme. I sounds like 3 sounds weaved together. It's very very well done.

And I'll just mention this AWESOME battle theme... from a game about, yes, air planes; Ace Combat.

I also see that people enjoy the TWEWY and Trauma Center OSTs. I agree. C:
Muramasa: the demon blade, Xenoblade, Bastion, Persona 3.. so many good music. 8D
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I wanna take you for a ride
song of storms from ocarina of time !! or the gerudo valley theme ^^ <3
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Here are a few of my favorite soundtracks from Tekken 2. Enjoy!

my friend showed me this one song from a vidio game... U.N. owen was her, look it up its epic
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Mario Kart soundtrack is very catchy, but I think the most catchy music for me is, and always will be, the victory theme from FF... xD
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Mario Kart soundtrack is very catchy, but I think the most catchy music for me is, and always will be, the victory theme from FF... xD

I do love me some VG beach music mrgreen

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FEELS! D: I had a very difficult time choosing which masterpiece I would post. But THIS. I loved this.

Yes, I am a huge Kingdom Hearts Fangirl. (I'm a dude irl. Don't get any bright ideas.)
Go on. Point and Laugh. pirate

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