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Hello fellow Starkid/Dikrats! I want to know how many Starkid fans are on Gaia! I already know that there is me....and, well...me. Oh! But there's.....uhm....er....me. Today is April 13th, 2012..also known as by Starkids/Dikrats, The best day ever! Why you may ask?
1- I painted my nails!! ^V^ heh, nevermind.
1- Holy Musical B@man! Youtube Premiere @ 9PM
2- ^^^^Look at the Above^^^^

Who here is going to go see The Apocalyptour Tour when it comes to a city near you?? [[I apologize in advance for my extreme burst of excitement.]] I AM !!! WITH MY BESTEST BUDDEHS EVA!!!

5/9 Chicago
5/10 Chicago
5/11 Indy
5/13 Nashville
5/14 New Orleans
5/15 Houston
5/16 Austin

5/19 Anaheim
5/20 San Diego
5/22 LA
5/23 LA

5/25 San Francisco
5/27 Portland
5/28 Seattle
5/29 Vancouver
5/31 Denver
6/1 Kansas City
6/2 St Louis
6/4 Ann Arbor
6/5 Philly
6/7 DC
6/9 Boston
6/10 NYC

~The bolded ones are my few options. If you are going to one of these..I might see you there!~
I can't wait to see how many people post!

So, post your personal favorites..about Starkid in general! ex:: person, character, production, song, gif, couple, anything!
::My Obsessions::

Person:: ~All of Them!~
****S.I.W.T.M.:: ~Joseph Michael Richter~
M.I.W.S.T.M.A.P.O.:: ~The Hunger Games~ [] Joe W. could just put his Umbridge Dress Back On and Instantly Become Effie! []
W.I.A.J.O.T.S.:: ~They are flippin' Starkids! --Joe W. has better legs than me.

I shall be adding more favorites, I'm tired, and I need to prepare for watching HMB!! TTwTT

****-Starkid I Want to Marry -Movie I want Starkid to Make a Parody Of -Why I am Jealous of Team Starkid
Now there's me! I LOVE STARKID!!! (There totally needs to be a guild for this fandom, which should be brought to the attention of Starkid.)


I love all Starkids, and I'm not ignoring that Clark is totally hot, but Joe Walker is SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the best male singers on Starkid (in my opinion): Darren Criss (who will never NOT be a Starkid), Dylan Saunders, Brian Rosenthal, (who totally needs to be involved in more concerts).

Female singers: I kinda miss Bonnie, but I get such a kick out of Lauren Lopez.

What I want them to parody: It wouldn't be easy, but The Chronicles of Narnia (entire book series).

I LOVE "Kick it Up a Notch", "To Have a Home", "Different as Can Be", and if I don't stop the list there, I'll never be able to stop the list.
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Interesting Genius

Ok. I am a HUGE StarKid fan! I absolutely love all of their musicals. I went and saw them live in ApocalypTour on May 13th in Nashville! I am in love with Joey's voice and my favorite soundtrack would have to be the SPACE tour version of Even Though. Status Quo is close to second. I love all of MAMD soundtracks. Holy Musical B@man was too great! Who's excited for Leaky Con? (I'm not going, but I can't wait for all of the StarKids to be together and make another Harry Potter musical!) heart
I adore starkid in everyway.
I didn't make it to the tour cause my friend gave out her tickets, even though she promised me one gonk
I love every starkid and every song and every... just everything. 3nodding
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I don't know which one is my favorite, but my fave musical is Holy musical B@man.
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So excited for A Very Potter Musical: Senior Year!!!
THEY ARE JUST PLAIN AMAZING!!! My life turns around them... I dance in the streets with my friends singning «To Be A Man», and we just feel Totally Awesome!!! Later in life, I want to be Lauren Lopez... but a little bit taller razz !!!!! And I can't tell who's my favorite, because I love them all in so many different ways! But I gotta say... Dylan Saunders made me fall off my chair when I first heard him sing (not in AVPM, because it wasn't really singing... but KICK IT UP A NOTCH!!!) And my favorite show is... Holy Musical B@man, but that's partially because Batman is my all time favorite superhero!
OMR! I love Starkid sooo much! It's supermegafoxyawesomehot!
Because of Starkid....
Every time I see Red Vines in the store I HAVE to buy them,
Every time someone asks me what i want to be when i grow up i say I want to be... a STARSHIP RANGER!,
Whenever one of my friends touches me (not THAT way you pervs) i shout "YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO TOUCH!"

LOL! Like I said, Starkid....Love it!

Yes, I'm a fan ^^'
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Shy Flatterer

I love Starkid <3
I don't make it to any of their tours because well... I live in Australia.
But still, love them!

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