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I have just defeated Hanzo and no prize/weapon/armor was given to me. crying
I've also defeated the new mini boss, the centurion... and still no prize... no free stat point too...
hi im 25 lvl and i cant enter the skill page what should i do ?
i need some new friends ,, please add me up ,,, son_janjay@yahoo.com for my facebook
when is going to be fixed!!!!!!!!!! i got two loses because of this bug you said you updated it but you actually haven't this is a good game but you seriously need to sort these things out quick mad

Yeah! same thing on me!! damn Ive Got alot of updates!!! ... bring Our stats back!!
sir jackie please fix that error cry im just wasting my energy if that error come's out stressed

please reply ..
fix that error im just wasting my energy if that error come's out and Updates! not just energy also the stats!!!
fix that error im just wasting my energy if that error come's out and Updates! not just energy also the stats!!!
help me plz when i defeat hanzo it keeps saying SOUL CRASH UPDATE PLZ RELOAD haw can i resolve it?
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maybe you should fix the bugss
my rank is error crying crying crying
Hey Jackie. Just wanted to update you guys on an issue I'm still having. I think almost every 2-3 days, I somehow lose my Soul Points, and I end up with less than 50, so my world ranking returns to the 100,000s. I would understand if everyone's Soul Points reset every week if it was part of some new seasonal ranking system, but seeing as how the top players still have over 2000 SP, I'm pretty sure its just me. When I win battles and level up twice, I finally get close to the 1,000s again, but that's when I would log on one day and find that I'm randomly back in the 100,000s. I don't know why. I'm level 29 now, my ranking is currently in the 8,000s, but my ranking is lower than that of my lvl 12 friend, even though my win rate is 94%. I have no hacked items or infinite gold or cash. I'm not a sore loser who refreshes the game if I lose a battle, I accept my losses and just try to win more with pure skill. I'm using my Cloudsplitter which I earned after watching ads for a month straight, and its a huge upgrade from the Seraph Blade and its really helping me win more, but even though I've gotten this far, it still sucks to know that in a day or two I'll lose hundreds of SP and be ranked with lvl 5 players....

So, is there some way players can actually lose Soul Points that I don't know about? Or am I one of the unfortunate ones stuck with some bug/glitch that is causing this problem? I still love this game, I still play it everyday, this issue isn't really hindering my gameplay at all, its just kind of bumming me out sad . If you do end up reading this, thank you for taking your time out to do so. And if you reply, I would be even more grateful. Regardless of the bugs, Soul Crash is still a great FB game, it made me stop playing all my other FB games, so you all are definitely doing a successful job, keep up the good work! biggrin
Sir, I cant Accept my Gifts in Gift Requests. Pls Fix the bug in my Soul Crash Acc. Thank you very Much! smile
....,,,,guys need more friends add me up on facebook Facebook thanks ^.^ or you can search zerjohn12@yahoo.com thanks guys smile
Frodo Teabaginz
ok jackie is there a limit to how many friends you can have in soul crash if so what is the limit because i cant use any of my friends on my team i cant challange them i cant visit them all because they arnt loading and i have submited 4 tickets and the devs are just deleteing them even after i respond i will go to my teamate selection and all my friends portraits are grey and have the little swirling bubbles showing that they are in the midle of loading but they never do and im forced to use mercs and its eatin up all of my gold
same like me so sad my gold 50% lost

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