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hi Guys i'm from germany and a friend of mine has a bug accidentally activated: he gets gold after each battle 5000, 100 soul points, 100 points and 50 stat money but he does not know how he has got it!
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i fight a ton of battles and still my rank never goes up
Until now the rankings and soul points is not yet fixed.. make the game fair.. the others did'nt already reset their soul points.. mine, from 150 to 40,000+.. jeeeez!
is there something wrong with having soul points.. i mean after each fight i got 1+ soul point and after 20 win streak it starts adding up okay thats fine but my friend got 2+ after each fight why is that he got 2+ and me 1+??? he got almost double my soul points.. any explanation??
Should we continue playing or store our energy till the update?? It's so confusing what to do when nothing is adding up.
Afshan_Farhan: I guess your friend is a better player than you that is why he is getting double soul points....:p
lets be fair, my friends still receive high soul points , while i only get 2-4 soul points no matter how many my winning streak is. I hope there is a Final ruling about this soul points calculation that applies to all players crying
add me leonardjoshuagarcia@yahoo.com im new at soul crash i need more friends
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I am level 50 and was receiving no points on win as I had reached cap on att, defenses, hit. evade and soul power so I reset so that points could be added. It says I have won a stat point but none is there, even though I am not now maxed out. So now what?
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why do people keep spamming this thread?

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