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hackers? hmph i hate hackers alot !
alot of people are hacking because its almost impossible to get good items and rigging the free spin hasnt been helping. the game hasnt had any updates since october and they got rid of alot of stuff. pisses me off that cloudspliter costs cash when it used to be free, ect. btw how do i report hackers? iv seen people with the new stuff that isnt out yet
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I just want to say, this is my favorite game on facebook... Now with that said, the only thing that I do not like is being level 3 or 4 at the time and put up against level 8 or up, and after seeing this thread I realize that even some of the lower levels seemed too powerful for their level. cat_crying

I'm not going to stop playing though, I enjoy it more then any other games on FB, so please admins, keep up the wonderful work you do!
why did you put us in penalty mode? we are playing fair! pls send us back to normal again before season 5 gm pls dont remove anything in my characeter for i a,m spending my own personal money i didnt cheat nor hack so pls fix this A.S.A.P thank you...you are making us penalty even if we play honeslty you must look up to those who cheat not so us who are loyal !.
I don't mind people beating me if they spend money, but a level 4 without armor should not be able to beat me at level 7... I don't understand why people would hack just to beat the game, I mean, how in the world can it be fun? I just wanted to share my concern. (I mean, why should I have to keep spending gold to shuffle when even a level 4 can beat me unfairly, I can understand if they had a great weapon or armor, but seriously, why do these people still exist in the game? At this point I would think it more fair to fight against the computer until it's resolved. Just a thought, because I'm already losing interest because it's disheartening to keep paying gold to just be beat by unfair people who obviously have too much time in their life, obviously they have no life if they can hack a game and then call the game boring, of course the game is boring if you hack, the challenge is gone... Just thought I'd add this because of something said earlier by a hacker...)


I miss the beginning of the game when I had fair fights with the computer... *deep sigh*

There should be a button to push to report these ids so they get looked into...
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I agree, i started playing this like a few months ago and i'm only lvl 8 with a 76% of successes. I play every chance I can get but I can't go 2 battles in without my team losing, sure their off line and low leveled but i'm getting my butt handed to me every battle or two. Is there like something we honest players can do or get for free or half off? Because i'm in between two rocks here with no help coming.
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I'm bored. Tryna get more gaia gold smile

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