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HACKERS!!! GO TO HELLL!! Even though im not a cash user but i can defeat them! The prob is people hacking and becoming more stronger than money user
its my first time to hack the game.. huhuhu.. pls reset my account sad i will never try it again
sir jackie merrydoll yu chua is a hacker scream .. yesterday her lvl is17 but now lvl29 and her armor is coming soon .. eek
nice one moderators.. I had some friends that have a great character set and weapon, I think they're all hackers and cheaters.. just try to play fair.. and save money to buy their set.. the game is good and im starting to hooked in it.. I like the dark crimson set.. I'll just spend some of my cash for it every payday..
I hate cheaters and hackers too.. but they are good companions. haha.. they can easily finished the battle.. but now I think I will not need them anymore.. coz i will buy a one set little by little.. ^^

Two players I met who are lvl 35... Is this a bug or a cheat? I have been stuck at level 34 for quite sometime now and I don't know how these guys got to level 35... rolleyes rolleyes

Here is the FB account of the muhd guy who hacked his SC account:

Pics from his album

he changed profile pic. but the same guy; http://prntscr.com/9ic5u
beni sutanto
i like this biggrin
lol i will be thet bast if you blocker all the hacker, i have buy cash in soul crash, i have ammor samurai, hahaha just block the hacker clear all them, i allwes lost whit hacker now i will naver lost again cool lol biggrin 3nodding heart razz
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reset my account thanks
Obviously, you don't know all. If you knew all you would know that there is a glitch in your reward program, and you would fix that instead of penalizing EVERYONE who used it. I'm furious how you would penalize my account when I didn't do anything wrong. It was a glitch in YOUR PROGRAMING, not MINE. I never tried to do anything. You need to learn when there is something wrong and fix it instead of being contemptible people.
Actually they banned my soul crash account eventho im not a so called hacker. i dont even have cash items on my inventory. i reported my issue coz my level has bugged and they didnt fix it but yes they banned it ASAP! LOL ******** this game. really cool huh? they can't fix their own game that full or glitches.. how dumb is that? ROFL. fix my account or ppl will get mad and your game will crash like a paper plane.

hacker is a hacker, banned them and they will just continue to hack your game over and over again!
so stop banning and fix your game's fcking glitches!
its so sad for me to say that only the hacker can defeat me on battle. its so unfair sometimes i think i need to hack also. but no.. im a fair player.. but i suggest that GM's and admin will change the energy system.. cause its freaking annoying me. waiting many hours to play again but its only have 3 battles.. GM's and admin please add some energy.. or change the energy consumption to 1.. its more battle more exciting.. or do some event that has unlimited energy who win.. hehe

anyways.. more power to all gm's and admin..
I have someone who plays soul crash and he has 646 wins and 1 loss, but his best streak is 25. I think he hacked and keeps changing it to 100%.
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I have someone who plays soul crash and he has 646 wins and 1 loss, but his best streak is 25. I think he hacked and keeps changing it to 100%.

-Oh That's a simple trick, so you don't really need to hack, just be quick when you lose > sop did you manage to figure it out already razz
Please don't banned me just restarted my account on facebook fo soul crash please don't banned me!!!!!!

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