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I'm sorry guys, I love the game, but your "Daily Spin" is rigged to an unfair degree. I've played this game since it first opened and I've only won $1 out of Daily Spin and I play every day! Are you serious? It's the only way I'm ever going to afford your outrageously-priced items. Everything costs soul cash - it's like you're TRYING to tear people's pockets out. What good are the coins for? What is their value, when you only have very few items up that they are capable of purchasing?

Seriously - stop being so money-hungry and stingy.
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( and you guys wonder why the majority of your players are hackers..)
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( and you guys wonder why the majority of your players are hackers..)

agreed cool cool cool
( and you guys wonder why the majority of your players are hackers..)

agreed cool cool cool


pssst on the downlow pm me any info about Cheat Engines that work for soulcrash.. I am bored of not being able to beat my opponents fairly.. they alll have a unfair advantage on me

Its like im playing this game on a extreme difficulty and the players are undefeatable on here. I cant earn cash or gold losing all the time
Seriously, It is rigged so bad. I've never even gotten one cash.
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I never even got a max energy +1
The wheel isn't as fair as it wants to appear to be.

The 100 gold and 3 energy, then the enchant stones. Are where the wheel is usually likely to land more than anything else.
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That's why I stopped playing.
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yeah. It's rare to get cash on the daily spin. It's stupid. Point is that facebook ruins good games.
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Of *course* it's rigged, people. The panels are of equal size in the picture, but that doesn't mean you have an equal chance of getting any given prize. Since it's a free daily spin among thousands and thousands of users, the need to skew it toward the lower levels becomes apparent.

I've gotten 1 cash on it maybe, *maybe* three times, and a couple of them came from accidentally spending a cash on an extra spin, so I netted NOTHING AT ALL there. And yet I don't complain, because I understand.

The absolutely free Elemental Weapons are practically identical in power to my Onyx Dragon Sword (Warchest Prize) or the Cloudsplitter (offer video prize). The boss armor gives good stats, and has had its cost SLASHED to the point where you can pick up really good stuff with just what you get for leveling up and defeating them.

The game owes you nothing. It is possible to play without spending money on cash (and hey, if you luck out on the draw, fantastic). Using cash is a choice, and they want to reward people who contribute to the game and its development with a bit of an edge. Un-rigging the Daily Draw makes that entirely futile and costs them vital funds that they could use to improve and debug the game.
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2 times I was win 10 cash,but only when I use spin for 1 cash.When I spin for free,I cant dreaming about win cash.And these prices...Game for donators...=__=
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what is the daily spin I never even heard of it
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I've gotten a few nice spins, but they're very few and far between. I think I've gotten max energy +1 at least four times. Got a 50 cash once.
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Perhaps you guys are a bit childish and missing one of the GREATEST parts about being a free player. They HAVE to earn the money anyways, how do you think they're going to keep it up? Good intentions? I've played three days ((And only got a free spin on my first, goddammit)), it is a little unfair, but that's KINDA the point. Think of it as a slot machine. And ifyou don't spam for cash, or buy the cash, you get more skilled instead of god-modding yourself with weapons and armor so you can just sit back. I have to, it takes a few things called SKILL, PATIENCE, and INITIATIVE. Jesus Christ, man. I really don't want to live on this planet anymore if it's inhabited by these people.

At least tell me you like Breaking Benjamin. Then I might consider living on this planet.
I Agree too i only got 2 times 1 cash and 1 max energy i spended all cash that i got on first lvl and till lvl 10
Imo its the way the chances are presented what gives the player that feeling of unfairness. Since the size of each slice on the wheel is the same, it is frustrating to see how you always get the same (low) prize all the time you try your luck. So my problem isn't that it's hard to get good prices but that it seems to show the same chances on all of them. It should be changed to something that either matches accurately or doesnt give off any of that info. Slot machine maybe?

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