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Can some body PLEASE tell me what SOPA is?
SOPA means "Stop Online Piracy Act"
well that explains a lot...i thought they were all talking about soup..... cuz sopa mean soup in Spanish whee
Clyde Cruz
SOPA means "Stop Online Piracy Act"

Thank you sooo much!!!!! now I(and other people too) know what it means!
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Yes, thank you. cat_biggrin
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stop online piracy act. It's really lame-tastic. dramallama
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In a nutshell, if the retarded acronym didn't scare you enough, this is what SOPA will do to the internet you and everyone else has come to know and love.

It will, mainly, enable DNS Blocking. This means that, even if a website has a HINT of copyright infringement, it whole site can be taken down.

For example, if they find material on a site such as YouTube that has not been disclaimed, such as, making an AMV of your favorite anime to your favorite song and you don't say *I don't own this content!* YOUTUBE will be taken down. Not the user. The SITE.

Basically, the idea is like suing Toyota because someone with a Toyota vehicle rear-ended your car. Only it has a chance of PASSING.

Most of the people speaking up for this bill, CLEARLY, have no idea what they're talking about and barely know how to use a keyboard.

People are far too light-hearted about this. Lucky, though, for now, this has been halted (Along with PIPA--Protect Internet Protocol Act).


PCIPA (Protect Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011) is still under way! This means the government can see the content you look at by using the IP Address you were assigned!

America suuure is great.

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